WoW Classic 08.27.19

WoW Classic 08.27.19

What’s a highly contagious but non-debilitating illness with an incubation period of about 3 months? Asking for a friend.


WELP, time to request time off work!


A week before school starts. A whole new generation of college and university students can now see first hand how to ruin their young adult lives

Edit: someone gave me my first gold! Hah, thanks stranger! I meant this post as a nostalgic joke as many people here went through the same things I did, glad I could make people laugh and bring back fun memories!


You can apply for the Wow Classic beta in your beta profile page on Bnet. Its unchecked by default so fix that right now!


Great time to add a minor in Warcraft to my degree, starting in the fall semester.


Man i was so hyped for summer break to grind classic wow.


I’m actually finding myself kinda excited/interested, despite generally not really missing a lot of the aspects of Classic.


Ah shit. Here we go again


summer vacation is ruined


Hahaha, jokes on you Im old now and dont have summer break anyway. Suck it Blizzard.