It happened after over 10 years

The red ring is 3 as someone who had this happen twice it’s 3.

I had an awful night and my friend suggested me to “just build something...

Wtf i wish a friend could tell me to build something so insane and i could just do it. good job dude thats talent :)

I went to Chernobyl, seen this picture at the massive Soviet Russian spy tower...

So it wasnt a radiation leak after all, it was Weezing using Poison Cloud.

Pretty proud of this bridge!

Looks great. Keep up the good work.

When you forget the recoil pattern

That whole clip feels like a short film where one learns how to shoot and goes on to destroy everyone.

I found a store in Japan that has ever console, ever

I'd get me one of those orange Game Cubes, never saw one of those back on the day.

Noticed the theater where I saw Detective Pikachu had ♀/ ♂ Pikachu on the...

Damn most cosplayers don't even get that right.

These are the moments we strive for

This takes skill.

One Love is stronger than the other

What is your best moment of playing minecraft?

Black Star

You really can get the most beautiful screenshots from this game.

Putting mushrooms in the same spot as framed maps has never looked so cute

Yo why the mooshroom model looks different.

Samus cosplay, huh?

I was waiting for a face reveal to show a bearded guy Haha.

I know no one gives a fuck, but I just got my first culture...

And you got that cultural victory by destroying all the other civilizations like a good viking?

Races and subfactions of the Horde and Alliance

I wish we could get the forest troll/amani model for the horde. Revantusk are forest trolls and been in the Horde since vanilla.

Dr. Boom solves everything

Giving all mechs rush usually saves the match but that's just me.