Look at all those chickens!

*cracks knuckles* time to press X and Triangle until i level up.

Terracotta Pattern for my ceiling

That looks fancy.

My heavy figurine, that i only paid 2 bucks for

Four hundred thousand dollars.

ES gang unite

Gotta farm that smithing skill.

Who would win?

Didn't they show in Pokemon Origins that the gym leaders select their Pokemon based on the amount of badges the trainer has so it can be a fair fight for the trainer and so they can work their way up?

I make plushies. I think I’m pretty good

Do you make Magikarps?

I painted a Galatic Mew!


We both love Pokemon, I thought it was fitting!

Is it pronounced Tom or Thom?

King Kong

Expand Dededong.

Still think Dragonite should’ve looked like this

When you realise that dragonite has zubat wings.....

Game of the year every year

It's also the most demanding game I play. <3 Modded Minecraft, the pack I've been trying to play needs 8gigs of ram lol.

Look at this UFC 3 masterpiece

"I'm gonna teach you the meaning of 'tegrity."

My Island Settlement

Cool, I really like your build style.

OpenAI – 100% winrate, 500 wins streak in the first 5 hours. Who will...

They just lost to thailanders 99.8% winrate.

Hyper realistic cosplay @lowcostcosplay1

He shows us his techniques yet no one could conceive of the ways he has produced his art. Truly the mind of a genius.