Parents Gluing Pennies To The Bottom Of Their Kids’ Shoes

gluing pennies to shoes

Tap! Tap! Tap tap tap! Tap tap! Tap tap tap! And there goes your children tapping away. Tap dance is one of the dance forms that are not only amusing to watch as it generates sound forms that are unique but also is very talented as no sound sounds the same because it depends on the talent of the person and how he is doing it. 

Of course, anything of importance that you are dedicatedly passionate about requires a bit of nurturing and time. Tap dance is not unusual from all the other forms of dance. But no passion comes with a cheap tag of price. The shoes are a very essential contributing part of the crux as they are expensive and once your kid grows, you will have to buy them a new one. 

So what to be done? 

Pennies are penniless, they are worthy of saving at least the amount you would have spent while buying the tap shoes. All you need is a few pennies and glue to let the magic brew and voila, there goes your beautiful tap shoe. This trick has been adopted by many parents for many reasons but the result of this particular deed is spectacular and has a mindblowing effect on the kids too. 

What happens when you glue pennies to the bottom of your shoes? 

gluing pennies to shoes

Pennies are made out of copper and copper has the effect of creating the sound of clinks when they are placed together or even played with. So when the pennies stuck in the bottom of your kid’s shoes get in contact with the floor, it makes a sound. Well, in other words, friction happens when you glue your kid’s shoes with pennies. 

It creates sounds that are a makeshift sound that tap dancers’ shoes make. You can easily mimic the functionality of the tap shoes. However, the result will be followed only if it elicits certain conditions which will generate the sounds. It depends on

  • The proportionate amount of pennies stuck in your kid’s shoes. 
  • The floor has to be furnished. A floor made out of marble will generate more sounds. However, a furnished floor made out of wood will work fine. 
  • The methods used to glue the pennies. 

If all these are checked and used properly then it will mimic the beautiful effect of the tap shoes. 

Why are parents gluing pennies to shoes? 

There are many reasons why parents are hell-bent on gluing the pennies on their kid’s shoes. It all has a beneficial effect connected with the mindset of the children. 

  • The first reason why sticking it on the bottom of the shoe is to have it act as a tap shoe. If your small children are aspiring tap dancers or like to tap tap tap! Then you can stick the pennies on the shoe to make-believe that it is a tap shoe. Many times it is just a spree of passion that rises and goes in a brief time.
gluing pennies to shoes

Spending an amount to buy the tap shoes can go to waste so you can use this shack to have a tap shoe for your kid as it will generate the same experience by creating the same sound bad feel. 

  • It creates a sound that makes the children wary of the situation. Many times kids are easily distracted and start to cry for no reason at all. If a penny is added to the sole of the shoe, it will create a sound that will help divert the minds of the children. 
  • To have a tap shoe made at home sure saves money and does not make your children’s heartbreak. It will serve as a reformatory relive to your children. 

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What ingredients do you need to glue pennies to kids’ shoes? 

The only things that you would need to have it made just by yourself are simple and easily found. 



The glues have to be adhesively strong and effective to have the pennies stick to the sole of the shoes. You just have to know how much good you have to use because if too much glue is used then it will not create a sound. 

gluing pennies to shoes
Why Are Parents Gluing Pennies To The Bottom Of Their Kids’ Shoes?

If less is used then it will not stick. A proportionate amount is needed to make it work. It does not matter which penny you have. You have to weigh the pennies so that when you stick them on the roll of the shoe, it is weighed properly on each side of the shoe. 

If you do not have robust glue then you can use tapes. Tapes with strong adhesive power. So that it can keep the pennies clasped to the base of the shoe. 

How to stick the pennies to the bottom of your kid’s shoes? 

The meticulous thing to have done in this case is very easy. It depends on two situations. 

  1. The right amount of glue to use to clinch it on the shoes. 
  2. Right weight to put on the shoes using the pennies. 

So how do we do it? The first thing to be reminded of is comprehending exactly the right proportion of glue needed to use in trying to stick it on the bare. 

gluing pennies to shoes
  • Put a bit of glue, like two drops exactly right in the middle of the penny. The bigger the penny the more drops you have to increase. 
  • Put the penny one by one on the north side of the shoe horizontally and three in number. Right under the three pennies put two pennies horizontally. 
  • Now go southward of the base of the shoe and put the coins exactly, in the same way, to create a proportionate amount so that it creates the right clink it needs. 

How many pennies need to be stuck? 

To be thorough, the right amount of pennies needed to have that right clink depends on the size of the shoe. We all are aware of the fact of how small the feet of a baby are. So the shoes cannot be big too. About four or five coins both northward and southwards will do the trick magnificently.

Benefits of gluing pennies to shoes: 

There are certainly many beneficial roles that this penny stuck to the bottom of the shoe play. 

Benefits of gluing pennies to shoes
Benefits of gluing pennies to shoes
  • You can help this mode to keep your child distracted when you are working. When you work, the sound will provide a good distraction to keep the kids’ attention zoomed in on it only. 
  • It can save a lot of bucks, almost around 30 dollars as it can be used as a tap shoe. 
  • The clasping of the pennies on the sole of the shoes will help it appear like a tap shoe. 
  • It does not slip away so the grip tends to be more strong on the ground. 

Few important tips: 

  • Change the pennies often to keep integrity. 
  • Tape doesn’t work as the glue does. 
  • Do not weigh out the shoe. 

This is why glue pennies to shoes as parents know how indigenous the idea is. It keeps your children busy straying away from your agenda. Great, innit?

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