How Do You Record On Snapchat Without Holding The Button?

Chat Chat Chat, how do you want to connect? WELL, let’s snapchat!

Yes, you got it right! Recently, Snapchat has gained a large number of users worldwide. Nowadays, this application has become a hub for various users to strut their things. 

If you are trying to get noticed and want to be creative and stand out, then do read this piece thoroughly.


From beautiful lenses to super cool filters, there are a lot of goodies you would find on Snapchat. If you hit the jackpot, it will inch you closer to gain more recognition and more followers.

But how does it get its existence? That’s indeed an interesting fact to know!

Snapchat starting and history

Founded in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown. The same year in July, the co-founders launched a precursor to Snapchat called Picaboo. 

Later in, in September 2011, Murphy and Spiegel kicked Brown out of the company and re-released the company like Snapchat. Since its debut, the application has seen many facelifts. 

Currently, it has become the best platform for users to create and share their snaps. However, users were still waiting for the highly awaited feature. 

Want to know what it is? 

Hands-free recording!

Until now, people were unable to record a snap while keeping their hands free. Sometimes, you just don’t like to hold the record button, and it was painful when this important feature was unavailable.

But as the title hints, the sad days are gone! The scenario has completely changed.


Now, it’s indeed possible!

But before we get to know that, check whether your Snapchat application is updated to the latest version. If you haven’t, then it is the right time to do it.

Paying heed to the voices of many, many, many Snapchat users, we have found a ray of hope for people who are looking for a Hands-free recording feature. 

Read on to know everything about the hands-free recording feature.

Snapchat hands-free

Erm, so where do we start? 

Snapchat Hands-free feature is what everybody needed from the get-go. If you wanted to show yourself dancing or playing an instrument, then Snapchat was not your friend.

Moreover, the app had myriads of stickers, lenses, and filters. So who doesn’t want to use them to themselves and record a hands-free video?

Snapchat Logo

Want to learn how to go hands-free on Snapchat on iPhone? 

Well, like always, we have got you covered. By following our surprisingly easy steps, you will be able to fulfill your dream and click as many snaps you like. 

So, are you ready?

Let’s be honest here, you are trying your best to record the best snaps, but holding the record button becomes the most laborious task. You are unable to use all your creativity, so you sit in a corner and start sulking.

Need a solution?

 Luckily, if you are an iOS user, you have an option to record your Snapchat video without holding the button. Unfortunately, Android users will need a workaround to fulfill their wish. 

Without wasting your time, let us take a look at the solution below. 

Hands-Free Snapchat iPhone:

iOS users can use an accessibility feature (Assistive Touch) for recording a video on Snapchat without holding the button. Now, you might be thinking, how will it help? 


Well, keep reading and find it out! You will have to follow simple steps to turn on this setting.

1. Tap on Settings and go to the Accessibility on your device. 

2. Now, select Touch and then Assistive Touch. 

3. Then, switch on the Assistive Touch and from there, scroll down and tap Create New Gesture.

4. Press and hold the center of your screen. Once the blue progress bar at the bottom is completed, save the new gesture by any desired name.

5. When you open the snapchat app, you will see the grey square. 

6. Tap on the square and click on Custom.

7. Use the new gesture that you made. When you see a grey circle on your screen, it will help you to hold the Snapchat record button for a few seconds.

8. To do that, drag the grey circle on top of the Snapchat record button. Your video recording will start after a 1-second delay.

You can place your iPhone in a holder, or on a tripod, or whatever you like to create 8-second videos. You might be wondering why not 10 seconds? 

Well, unfortunately, the gesture will last for 8 seconds, but it will get your work done.

Furthermore, If you are an Android user, then you must be looking for how to go hands-free on Snapchat on Android? Sadly, there are no other accessibility features for Hands-Free Snapchat Android users.

Your phone does not have the Assistive Touch mechanism. But don’t be discouraged because we have an alternative for you. 

We have found a way or two to help you to do hands-free recording on your Android phone. 


You can use an eraser and elastic band with your device. So it is time for you to get a little creative!

No, we are not kidding, so get up and find a rubber band and an eraser. And yes, we know that the idea sounds a little clunky, but we assure you that it will work.

Don’t worry! Your screen won’t get damaged because the softness of the eraser will guard your screen. We know that this trick will surely work on your phone. You might be thinking, “What kind of trick is this? 

We have seen the results, and if the elastic band is tight enough, then it will hold Snapchat’s record button easily.

So, with no added delay, let’s have a look below!

1. You have to find a small eraser and a well gripping elastic band. 

2. Place the eraser over the screen on the record button of Snapchat. Then, tie the elastic band firmly around the screen.

3. Now, set Snapchat to record the video. In the end, it will record a ten seconds video. 

If the above method does not work, then we have another alternative for you. You can use a tripod and the clamp to hold down the volume button on your Android device. We know that it is a bit difficult, but it is possible.

Best of all, you will be able to do whatever you wish to do with your free hands. So don’t let this golden opportunity slide away from your hands and try this hack now! 


We have also shared more new cool stuff about Snapchat. So enjoy the read!

How To Get More Snapchat Lenses?

Snapchat is a fun app that helps you to express yourself. However, after using all the snapchat lenses and collecting a hundred snaps, it can get pretty boring. Then, it might turn you off from this app for a while. Fortunately, you can now create more snaps by discovering more lenses. 

Want to know how? Then just keep reading!

. Find new lenses through the Lens Explorer

If you are a newbie and want to check out more lenses, then you can find the best and curated Lenses Explorer gallery. However, here you will find only a limited amount of lenses. The developer timely updates a list of lenses during a specific season or festival in this gallery. 

Still didn’t find the lenses you were looking for? 

Search Lenses in the Lens Explorer and Don’t lose hope because we have another way for you. 

If snapchat removes a lens from its Lens Explorer, and you remember its name. Then, simply search the lens in the search field. Later on, the app will suggest multiple lenses, and you can activate the desired lens by tapping on it. 

Having said that, here we are with option of Lenses From the Snapchat website


Yes! It’s true! On the official website of Snapchat, you will see a list of best-curated lenses. All these lenses can be yours, so all you have to do is open the direct links or scan the code directly from the screen. 

Not only that, you can check on App!And that is Community Lenses on the Snapchat app

You know what is the best thing about Snapchat?

 Community Lenses! Yes, it is a blessing for those who are searching for more lenses. 

You can find hundreds of newly curated lenses by other Snapchat users. You can pick one of them which can suit your theme.

Once you click on the lens, it will get added to your Lens Explorer. There are high chances for these lenses to get removed from the Lens Explorer, so you will have to add it back after a while. You can also remove it by tapping on a small (i) information icon. 

Options are not over yet! You can Get more Lenses made by the same creator

While exploring the Augmented Reality experience, you can tap on the small (i) information icon on the left corner of your display camera. After clicking on it, you will see various options. 

From these options, you have to tap on the name of the lens creator (or profile picture). You can also use the ‘View Profile’ button, click on lenses, and activate any lens you want from the same creator.

Use any of these lenses and add a little extra sparkle to your snaps.

Fun, isn’t it!

Now, tell us, are you bored with normal filters? Want to get more views on your amazing snaps?

Well, we have Our top four famous Snapchat Lenses for you!

Try our four best and exciting lenses!

We have collected the best Snapchat Lenses and also gathered information about what it does to your snaps within a few seconds. 

So, let’s have a look at the top 4 lenses in 2020 and get to know its unique changes.

Some Handy And Famous Snapchat Lenses Are:

1. Burgundy Makeup Snapchat Lens

Take a make-up free snap and get a makeup look selfie within a few seconds after using Burgundy Makeup Snapchat Lens. It will change your look completely by putting lipstick on your lips and other beauty products. 


So what do you think? Will this filter be useful for you to click selfies and pictures? 

If yes, then just go ahead and do try this lens now. Share it with your friends as well.

2. Black Makeup Snapchat Lens

Do you love the makeup look? 

Then do try this makeup, which contains thick eyeliner, black color eyeshadow, and eyebrows. You can get your bold look within a few seconds. Your snap will make great impressions on others, and they would love to try this look too.


If you are feeling lazy to use real makeup products and still want a bold makeup look, then just go for Black Makeup Snapchat Lens. 

Today, nothing is impossible! you can get your makeup look without applying makeup. This lens will also smoothen your skin and make you look glamorous.

3. Glitter Gold Snapchat Lens

Do you like to grab attention from people? 

If yes, then this Snapchat Lens is for you! Nothing can go wrong with a little glitter, sparkle, and beauty when you are all set to attract someone special. 


So don’t just sit, go and try this Glitter Gold Snapchat Lens and click the best selfie. 

4. Beauty Products Snapchat Lens

This lens would be the lifesaver filter for makeup lovers!

Just face your camera and let this lens do magic on your face. In a blink of an eye, your look will be changed instantly. Beauty Products Snapchat Lens will automatically put lipstick, eyeshadow, as well as eyeliner to complete your look.

So these were our top 4 picks to make your snaps look elegant and cool. Make sure to try them and suggest your friends try it too.

Beauty Products Snapchat Lens
Beauty Products Snapchat Lens

Now, let’s move ahead with some Fun Things To Do On Snapchat:

To save you from boredom, we have brought seven fun things that you can do on Snapchat.

Here are some cool tricks and tips which will keep you entertained during your lockdown and make snapping more fun. 

1. Use multiple filters

Yes, you read it right! 

You can add some video filters, geofilter, color, and a timestamp in the same snap. Make sure to keep one finger on your phone screen while you use the other to swipe to add multiple filters. However, avoid the filters’ locations from overlapping.

2. Get more pen colors

That’s right! Click on the color bar and bring all the colors to life. Drag your finger around your phone screen and get access to a huge range of shades.

3. Create your geofilter

If you have ever wondered how to create a geofilter, then now is your chance to make one for yourself. You can create your geofilter by using a transparent PNG file with a 1080 x 1920 pixel dimension. 

Oh, and make sure the file is under 300 KB size.

4. Put a soundtrack on snaps

Want to make your snaps more interesting? 

Play some music in a different app and turn the volume up. Now, record a lip-sync or a dancing video.

5. Tag a sticker to a moving object in a snap

This one is our favorite!

 Click on your favorite sticker and hold it to the top of an object. Once it is pinned, the sticker will follow the object wherever it goes. Isn’t it amazing?

6. Change the size of stickers and text

You can pinch texts or stickers to make them smaller or bigger and make your snap more interesting.

7. Add friends who are nearby

This is a cool one! 

Add a bunch of known people to your list. All you have to do is turn on your phone’s location to see which user is nearby in the Add Friends feature.

How To Record Longer Videos On Snapchat?

Many people categorize Snapchat as a photographic app, which is so not true! Many people use this app to shoot and share videos too. In this piece, we have written all you need to know about recording videos on your Android or iOS device.

Just like other Snapchat users, you might have also questioned how to shoot long videos? Or how long Snapchat videos can be?

How To Record Longer Videos On Snapchat?
How To Record Longer Videos On Snapchat?

There was a time when videos were capped after ten seconds. After the Multi-Snap feature got introduced, it has now become easy to record a 60 seconds clip. Then, that clip is split into small clips (10 seconds each) and posted on your feed. It will stitch all the ten seconds clips together to make it look like a 1-minute video.

Doing this needs no special configuration or extra steps. It is already a built-in feature, so if you are a newbie, then do try it! 

. To record a 60 seconds clip, hold and press the camera button in the app for as long as you like.
. Keep pressing the button even after you cross ten seconds.
. You will see a picture or a thumbnail appear on the bottom left of your phone screen. It represents each ten-second clip.
. Once you are done recording the clip, release the button and put come stickers or catchy captions you want.
. When it is finished, choose where to send in your Snapchat, whether to add to your story or send it to a specific contact.

Finally, all your videos will play successfully and not just a single ten seconds video. If you haven’t tried it yet, then do it now!

Details about Multi-snap recording in Snapchat

If you are pondering about how to enable Multi-Snap recording feature, then we have explained it here!

The new multi-snap recording feature lets you record a 10 seconds clip in a row. The idea is to shoot your video all together, and later on, you can go through your clips to edit and select the best video.

Details about Multi-snap recording in Snapchat
Multi-snap recording in Snapchat

Once you are done with shooting, you are free to use any effects. The best thing about the multi-snap recording feature is that the videos will get posted in whichever order your arrange them. 

Now, users can use this feature to create and share more videos. You can tell your story too because now you have plenty of options on the Snapchat app.

How does multi-snap recording work?

1. Multi-snap recording feature is available on the updated version of Snapchat. Open the app, click and hold the capture button to start recording a clip.

2. Once you are finished shooting, the app will take you to the Preview Screen.

3. Then, you can decorate your videos with creative tools (emoji, stickers, etc).

4. You can go through the videos to see if it is in sequence.

5. If you want to delete a particular clip, then simply drag it to the trash.

So this is how it is done. Everything is easy, and it will take a day for a newbie to master this app.

Snapchat Music In The Background:

Instagram has already introduced the music feature on their stories. It helps the user to include snippets of their favorite song or add music stickers on their stories. However, Snapchat has yet to add their music feature soon. But if you still can’t wait to add music to your snaps, then we have a way for you. You can add your favorite songs from Spotify now! Here is how to do it with five simple steps.

Adding a soundtrack to your snaps from popular music apps like Pandora or Spotify is easy. You will have to just follow a few easy peasy steps and add songs to your snaps instantly.

1. Firstly, make sure your room or environment is suitable to play a soundtrack. Avoid places like libraries and classrooms.

2. Turn up your volume between half and two thirds only because turning the volume up will destroy the song when it gets picked up from your device’s microphone.

3. Now, use any music app that you like. 

4. Select a song that you would like to add to your video.

5. Play and pause the song the right time or a few seconds before from where you want your song to play while recording. It’s a tricky part, but you will surely get your timing right.

6. Now, take some assistance from the multi-task function before opening the Snapchat app.

7. Once you open the Snapchat app, pick the camera of your own choice, and swipe up from the bottom to bring out the Control Centre. For android users, Swipe down to see the Notification Center.

8. You will now see the soundtrack that you have picked for your video. Click on Play and close the Control Center or Notification Center.

9. Start recording your video once the right part of the music begins to play in the background. 

10. When you are done, play the recorded clip. You will hear the sound of the background.

Send your newly made video to your friends. You can create more snaps like these and impress your close ones.

Adding Music to Your Snaps in Snapchat through Spotify

If you don’t want to add your own personal music and just share some music, then you can use Spotify. Some of your readers might be wondering, “What is the point of uploading a song when I cannot be in the video?” But we assure you that sharing Spotify Snap is the best way to introduce your new friend or express yourselves.

Adding Music to Your Snaps in Snapchat through Spotify
Adding Music to Your Snaps in Snapchat
. All you have to do is, Launch the Spotify app on your device and click on the song you want to share with the Snapchat users.
. Select the three vertical lines on the upper right side of the corner. Then tap on the Share button.
. Now, click on Spotify and your selected song will be seen on the album cover. 
. Then you can proceed to post the song on your Snapchat.

This idea looks a little bit old, but it will help you bring your creative side to the App. So try it now!

Wrapping Up

Snapchat is a world of creating and sharing content. By following our easy steps and guide, it will surely make your Snaps look cooler. Make sure to follow the methods as described in this good read and see how it turns out. 

In our final words, we would like to thank you for sticking with us till the end, and we hope this article helps you or your friend who needs a makeover on Snapchat.

Stay in touch with us to get more updates about Snapchat.





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