How To Blow Smoke Rings

If you love the sheesha experience, or if you are into smoking or vaping, then you surely would want to know how to blow smoke rings. Though smoking is a very personal thing and almost most of the time based on addiction, a few tricks with the smoke are worth knowing.

This greatly applies to hookah smokers and people who are into vaping. 

Think about it, a smoke rings trick can work like a charm in a party right? It can make you an instant star because this trick is a tad bit difficult to master. Thus you are here, right? 

So well, without getting into any further discussion, lets; learn how to blow smoke circles in some easy steps.

Step 1: Fill your mouth with smoke:

Take a long nice drag of your shisha/vape/cigarette and fill your mouth with smoke. However, be mindful of not inhaling it. It’s a party trick remember, so the more the smoke in your mouth, the better the quality of the rings.

So, once your mouth is full of the smoke, close your mouth and let the smoke last there for some time as you will need a thick quality smoke for the rings. This will also add to the flavor of the smoke especially if you are smoking flavored tobacco. 

Smoke Rings
Smoke Rings
Step 2: Press your tongue against the mouth’s bottom:

Have your lips shut tightly, shift your tongue slowly while pressing it at the back of your mouth, towards your throat. This is a path for the smoke ring to travel. But make sure it’s clear. 

Step 3: Make a sucking lollipop face and make your mouth form an “o’ shape:

The best way to explain this is by pretending that you are sucking on a lollipop. Get your lips to form an “O” shape. Obviously, the same will apply to your cheeks. All this while keeping your lower jaw positioned backward. 

Step 4: Push lower jaw forward to make a smoke ring

Then blow the smoke ring, push your lower jaw while maintaining the ‘O’ shape of the lips. The clicking of the lower jaw should ideally produce a short burst of breath and with that perfectly, formed smoke rings will come out of your mouth and into the air!

Amazing right? This should answer you how to blow your curiosity!!

But again, is this the only way of blowing smoke rings? 

Of course, you would want an easier way of creating this right? While the process listed above is the best way of producing smoke rings, there is, of course, a cheat code you can use if you want to know how to blow it. This of course involves the use of tools. There are smoke ring creators available online that you can use.

However, learning to produce rings on your own has its own perks!

How to smoke out of a water bottle? 

What if you don’t have a hookah or a vaping kit? Does it mean that you won’t blow out smoke rings? Well, of course not! Always remember, if there is a will, there is a way! To that end, have you heard about a water battle hookah? 

Yeah! This is a DIY thing and you can create a makeshift hookah for yourself in no time! But why is that important? 

Well, if you want to know how to make circles with smoke and you don’t have a hookah or vaping kit, you need to know how to make one!!

Smoke Rings
How to Blow Smoke Rings
Get  a bottle:

The bottle you get should be perfectly sized and must be within 6.9 ounces. Weight and height has to be perfect. Following are the things that you need to consider while picking the water bottle:

  • Get a water bottle and not a soda bottle as they leave residue
  • Though there is no need to leave water in the bottle, however, if it’s too lightweight, you can leave some amount of water in it to keep its weight up
Remove the lid:

You won’t require the lid right away, so remove it and move it aside. 

Get hold of an aluminium foil:

This aluminium piece will function as a bowl and must be approximately 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches. Get hold of a thick aluminium foil for this purpose. Even if you only have lightweight aluminium foil then fold it over and make it thick. 

Ideally, the piece of the aluminium should be large enough to cover the bottle’s mouth and fold on the edges. However, you might require a bigger piece of aluminium if the mouth of the bottle is too big. 

Make holes in the foil:

As mentioned earlier, the aluminium bowl will contain the herb or flavor you will smoke. Bur do not push in with your thumb, it might punch a gaping hole in the foil, However, before you can smoke from the bottle, you need to pick holes in the foil. Ideally use a sleek object to make tiny holes. 

Hole on the side of the bottle:

After the holes on top of the foil are made, move to the side of the bottle and make a small section on the side. The ideal place to do it is just above the label. This is where you will pace your mouth while smoking. 

However, do not make the hole too big. Use a needle or straight pin to do the trick. Then use a pair of scissors to make the hole a little bigger. However, do not make the hole too big or slice the bottle entirely. This step requires a bit of caution and precision so keep up with that. 

Prick the foil:

In this step, you add the hookah flavour or herb on the foil. However, do not add a lot of flavour at once, it might block the holes. You can add more later though. 

Next step… smoke to glory and create beautiful rings!!

How to blow smoke rings with vape: 

This is ideal for those with a vaping device looking for how to do vape tricks. So, of course, there are advanced ways for doing this, but let’s start with the simple ones first. 

For starters, you will need a good vaping device to smoke out rigs. The next thing required will be a nice calm environment because moving air is surely going to pop your smoke rings. However, if the air is still, the rigs will be denser and will last longer. 

Following this, take some amount of vape in your mouth. And then shape your lips into an “o”  then tap the side of your cheeks to create rings. However, you require the right shape of your lips and the right amount of smoke in your mouth to create the os.

In the initial stages, try making the smoke rings with your tongue using short breaths, However, as you master the process, you will be able to make bigger rings with your throat!

That is something people will admire!

My vape isn’t making smoke, what to do? 

To create smoke rings, your vaping kit needs to produce enough of it. However, at times, the kits refuse to function properly and as a result, the amount of smoke it produces is rarely enough. 

But why does this happen? 

Well, there are four primary reasons for the lack of the amount of vapour produced by your e-cigarette. 

These are: 
  • Dried out batter
  • Dry atomizer coil
  • Heavily flooded atomizer
  • A faulty connection between the e-cigarette and atomizer

If your kit is not producing enough smoke, first check out the battery of the kit and make sure it is charged fully. If you happen to have an e-cigarette or mod that comes with an integrated lithium-ion battery, it must come with a light and display that alerts you when the battery charge is running low. 

However, if the kit uses a mechanical mod there should be a meter or a  built-in meter with the charger that can inform you if the battery voltage is fluctuating. 

If the battery seems to be operating fine, then shift your attention to the atomizer and make sure that the e-liquid required to run it is present. If the kit uses pre-filled cartomizers or disposable cartridges, then they need to be changed from time to time to ensure they are not heating or running the coil dry. 

If additional dripping liquid has been added to the tank or the dripping atomizer make sure not to add a lot of it. Additionally, avoid spilling any liquid to the centre of the air tube. If the atomizer is flooded,  it is likely to produce very little vapour and you might even notice some gurgling sound. 

With these tricks and steps handy, smoking out os should not be difficult for you. However, it’s advisable to restrict smoking to a gathering or a party, or one thing to be done occasionally. 

It must be remembered that smoking is a bad habit, and thus it must not be entertained. 



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