Jack was a sneakerhead. He was passionate about buying new shoes and collected a large variety of them. He loved his shoes more than his clothes. His collection ranged from sneakers, sports shoes to branded British walkers made of fine leather and two to three leather boots and one Gucci pair.

 He was obsessed with all of them and always tried to take special care of them. He was very keen on keeping all of them clean particularly his leather boots and British walkers. 

And guess what he had us to come to his rescue with all the problems of keeping his boots cleaning. 

So, here we are addressing the problems related to cleaning your favorite pair of leather boots like that of Jack’s. Hope you will have a great time reading the article. 

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Making old shoes new again

Let’s get on to the ride!


The first thing that we would like to brief you all about is, how to clean the leather boots? And what can the Best leather boot cleaner?

Imagine you have a very formal occasion to attend and the best way to grace that occasion is by wearing a formal attire and your favorite pair of leather boots. 

And the thing is that using the boots will make them dirty and therefore a little cleaning and conditioning occasionally will make your favorite pair last years longer. 

So, here we have put down the steps to smoothen your work: 

  • Remove the laces. If they are dirty soak it into soap and water and wash them. If you find they need to be replaced, we can advise you to measure the length and get a new one for your boots. 
  • Brush away all the loose debris with a stiff brush or sponge. Shoe brushes are generally available at home.
  • Mix up some soap and lukewarm water or normal water and make a soap water solution. Dip a soft cloth into the solution, wring it and wipe off the exterior surfaces of your boots. 
  • Take a fresh piece of cloth, dip it into clean water and then gently remove all the soapy water from the just-cleaned boots. Continue doing this until all the soapy mixture is removed.
  • Remove as much moisture from the boots as possible with an old towel and then put it up for drying.

Warning: direct sunlight is to be avoided otherwise the leather may fade or crack.

  • Now, prepare the boots for conditioning. This can be done by warming them in little indirect sunlight or with the help of a hair dryer. 
  • The final step is to condition the boots by applying boot oil, sealant, wax or leather conditioner. These are available in any of the shoe stores or available online on Flipkart and Amazon. You are to read the directions for use behind the and follow the same for conditioning your favorite pair of boots. 
  • Leave them undisturbed for fifteen minutes and then buff them with a clean rag.

See the Shine! 


The next thing that immediately sparkles on your mind is, how to shine boots?

Obviously, who does not want that their favorite pair of leather shoes retain their shine. 

Here is what you need to do,

Things to gather: A newspaper or a thick old piece of cloth, A shoe brush, A dry, cotton cloth, Leather conditioner or cleaner, Shoe cream or wax polish. 

Steps to follow: 

  • The first thing that one should be doing is to gather all their things.
  • Step two is to lay a newspaper on the place where you will be polishing your boots otherwise the whole floor will be painted and get dirtied. 
  • Brushing is the next important step. It is advisable that one removes all the dirt and schmutz and particularly get into the welt of the shoe where the upper shoe meets the sole. Apply a light pressure against the shoe and in a back-and-forth motion remove all the dirt. 

(The best shoe brushes have horsehair bristles and are a bit costlier than synthetic bristled ones.)

  • The next step is to use a leather conditioner to get rid of all the surface dirt. Apply a small amount of it around the shoe. After all your shoes are made up o animal skin and a little bit of nourishment would make them glow.  
  • Next step is polishing. Apply the shoe polish by using a soft cloth and start by applying it on the shoe’s upper. Be sure to use a cream color that resembles the color of your shoes. If your pairs are of an unorthodox color then opt for a neutral shoe cream. 
  • After this you are to let your shoes dry for as long as you like. 

Caution: If someone is planning to use a brush then it is suggested that he or she uses a single brush for one color. Black polish, dark brown, tan and whatever other colors you need.  

  • The last step is to buff. After the cream has dried take either a large horsehair brush or a soft cotton cloth and apply gentle pressure on the shoes in the same back-and-forth motion. 

Note to the reader: There is a subtle difference between Shoe cream and shoe wax. Though most of us by default put it under the shoe polish bracket but here is what they mean separately.

Shoe creams help in restoring shine, adds color to your shoes while also helps in conditioning them and adding moisture. Leather is nothing but treated skin and dries out overtime. Therefore, applying shoe cream helps in restoring the moisture. 

Shoe wax on the other hand offers a better shine and scuff protection but it builds up overtime and dries out. This is why it only gives a vamp light coating. With time this causes the white film to show up as the wax dries up.

PRO_TIP One can however apply both wax and cream when polishing the shoes. It is preferred that we start with cream, buff it and then apply wax to the toe and the heel and then buffing again once dry.   


Source: Cicero Leather

 Have you ever thought what household items can be used to clean leather boots? 

Suppose you are up for a sudden plan and at the last moment you are to clean your shoes which are dirty. Get hold of these household items we are going to tell you at the following section and get ready for the party!

Firstly, you are going to need a brush in case you don’t have a professional shoe brush at home. A tooth brush is a good option to remove the debris. Clean the dirt using the tooth brush.

A nail brush can be useful in removing tough stains. 

Secondly, use a white cloth for wiping away the debris and making the shoes clean. A soft cloth is needed when handling leather to retain its gentleness. 

Thirdly, make a diluted vinegar solution with almost 50% water.

Fourthly, use this diluted solution with a cloth to lift the stains. 

Fifthly, this is the time you address the scuffs. Here you will have to dip a clean cloth into baking soda and using wiping and buffing motions remove the scuffs with ease after it is dry off the fourth step.

And yes, your leather boots will be ready for another party. 


Have you ever tried Olive oil for leather boots? This is what needs to be done.

Olive oil or walnut oil works very well on smooth leather and is an alternative traditional shoe polish. It gives the best result when a small amount into the shoe and polish it with a soft cotton cloth. 

Try it first in an inconspicuous spot before using oil on the entire shoe. 

The vinegar solution and baking soda can work as the best homemade shoe cleaner.

Therefore, through this article we have already cleared all the steps that are to be followed.

If we are thinking, can leather boots be washed?

The answer to this is Yes.

 Leather boots can very well be washed. For this following the previously decoded steps of ‘how to clean the boots?’ can help. 

One thing to be noted is that putting the boots into washing machine is very risky. You can only try it if you have cut down all your attachment with your pair of leather boots and they are almost at the verge of replacing.


In this section, we will guide you with the best leather boots cleaner. According to the reviews, they are:

  • Saphir India, they have a wide range of shoe care products from mat leather cleaner to mink oil lotion to cream polishes, cotton cloth, pate luxe, mirror gloss and other shoe polishes.
  • Kiwi also manufactures a wide range of shoe care products
  • Meltonian 
  • Allen Edmonds

Note: They are available in shoe stores as well as online in Amazon and Flipkart and their official sites. 


Wondering, how can I make my leather boots look new again? Is it even possible to given them the fresh look ever without spending money?

Well, you know you do have things at home itself. Hoe?

Here we go!

Things required: 2 tbs olive oil, 2 tbs lemon juice and old rag.


  • First step is to make sure that the shoes are clean.
  • Use a brush or a hard cloth to remove all the dirt and debris
  • Mix the olive oil and the lemon juice
  • Dip the rag in the mixture and apply a layer on your shoes
  • Let the polish absorb and dry
  • If you find that they are still pale in parts, repeat the fourth step again. 
  • Finally buff your shoes with the drier parts of the rag.

See what aura it creates!

And don’t forget to thank me later! 


Boots are the style statement and hence ensuring its proper care is indeed a task to perform. This article provides a brief account of how Jack and all friends out there will be cleaning their favorite pair of leather boots in a best possible way, 

We hope this article has given you enough tricks for shoe care needs to the fullest. So, without any further ado, try and clean your shoe in a best way you can.

Have a lovely time shining your favorite pair of leather boots!



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