How to edit live photos on an iPhone?

“I don’t trust words. I trust pictures,” said by French photographer Gilles Peress.

We all believe in the power of photographs, don’t we? We all like to edit, highlight, add filters to our beautifully clicked photos. And there is no denying that.

We all are creative inside, and there is nothing wrong with giving a little edit to your pictures. The fun begins when you tap that edit button and let the editing app do its work.

Are you a new iOS user? Do you want to know some tips about editing Live Photos on your iPhone? Then read this article till the end. The editing apps are pretty easy to use, but you must have a piece of good knowledge of editing tools.


If you don’t know how to edit pictures, then we will help you because that is what we are here for! From exposure settings to advanced color and one tap edits, you can now bring out your creativity in your Live Photos. Read on to find out how to turn your simple pictures into stunning edits on your iPhone!

We all have a favorite feature on our camera. Guess the name of the app? Camera! We carry it in our pockets and click pictures when we want. Apart from that, we also love to edit our photos on our phone itself. Various third-party photo editing apps help us to make our pictures more eye-catching.

Some of the editing apps are free, and some are not! And today, we will cover each and every topic related to editing. So we hope you stay with us till the end. Now let’s get started with the fun ride!

Tips To Edit Live Photos And Pictures On iPhone Like A Professional

Are you wondering “How to edit live photos on your iPhone?” Now, it has become quite easy and simple to alter a Live Photo on your iOS phone. You can follow our simple tricks to edit Live Photos as you want.


Pssst… Looking for some cool editing tips? Without wasting a single second, let’s dive deeper to know how to get a perfect picture like a pro.

1. Launch Photos App

. Firstly, open the Photos app on your iPhone. Once you open it, click on the Albums tab at the bottom.
. From the Media Types section, pick the Live Photos album. Now, choose whichever image you would want to edit. 

2. Pick Live Photo Effects

. Design the Live Photo with cool effects and many other editing tools.
. If you wish to edit a particular image, then select the Edit option at the top right. As soon as you tap it, it will open various tools below.

3. Crop Image

Cropping an image can change everything. It will not only emphasize the details but also discard any unwanted objects in the background. Want to highlight your image? Then just crop it! It will focus on the subject and add an artistic element.

. Tap on the crop button at the bottom right corner. Take the assistance of the handle to remove the busyness in the image. Moreover, you can also check out the other tools at the bottom. You can align your image with the help of flipping and rotating tools.
. Tap Done to finish and save the changes.

4. Use Filters

Enhance the quality of your photo by using filters. You can click on the clock-like icon and go through various filters and choose the desired one. Tap on Done when you apply the filter.

These filters will add a cool effect overlain on your picture. So do try this feature now! In the end, when you are done with everything and happy with the changes, then click on Done and save the file.


Now, let’s move to the other section of this article to know how to turn Live Photos into a GIF or a video. We have mapped out easy methods to edit your Live Photos, so keep scrolling!

Transform Live Photos into A Video

If you are a fan of transforming Live Photos into a clip, then continue reading this section. As we all know, this feature has been around for five years. It is a unique way to combine numerous still pictures and convert them into a short video. It looks like a GIF. As soon as it landed on the iPhone device, users have become obsessed with this feature. 

Many new iOS users are new, and they really want to know how this feature works. Well, they can convert live photos into a 3-second clip easily. Want to know how? If you ever want to convert a moving image into a video, then you will have to follow quick and easy steps.

. Simply select the moving image.
. Click on the share button.
. Then, choose to save as a Video on the share sheets.

Want to know the best 3rd party apps that can add finishing touches to your Live Photos? Then check out the next section below.

Best 3rd Party Applications to Edit Live Images on iPhone

The iPhone has indeed improved in the past few years. When it comes to the camera, it has left all the phone cameras behind. Don’t believe us? Then, just look at iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro. These bad boys come with the best camera features. And the night photography is to die for!

Even if this phone has a better camera, there are some times, where you will like to alter it a bit before uploading it on Instagram or Facebook. Filter look has become a thing today. If you are looking for some cool apps, then luckily, we have some 3rd Party Apps, which will surely increase hundreds of likes on your picture.


We know that it is very difficult to learn about the photo effects, features, and tools of the new editing apps. Don’t worry, the apps are very easy to use, and you will learn to transform your live photos instantly. Below we have mentioned the best 3rd Party iPhone photo-editing apps to download right now from the App Store.

1. Enlight Pixaloop

For iPad and iPhone, we recommend you to try Lightricks’ Enlight Pixaloop. You would be surprised when you see a lot of editing tools. The app comes with numerous editing features like contrast, saturation, brightness, and much more.

Apart from that, it also contains numerous professionally designed overlays and effects, which are ready for you to use. Everything comes with a price. So the app is a freemium version, and if you want to try all the editing tools, then you will have to get the premium version.

2. Photo Editor App

Looking for an all-in-one photo editor? Then, this app has got your back. It has got plenty of tools which will satisfy your demands. You can draw on your live images or add bone-tickling stickers. Just in case if you want to hide all your blemishes, then you can use the blemish removal tool as well.

But keep one thing in mind, that certain apps need in-app purchases. So next time, if you want to beautify your photos or use real-time filters, then this app is your go-to buddy.

3. LIVE App

This app needs no introduction for those who use GIFs. If you are looking for a lightweight photo editing app, then LIVE is the best contender. You can turn your moving images into fun-loving videos or GIFs.

Aside from this, it also lets you convert your live photos into still pictures. Isn’t it amazing? When it comes to editing, you will be amazed to see its collection of eye-catching filters. 


Besides, it also lets you convert live pics into still images. As for editing, the app comes with a large collection of eye-catching filters, which can go a long way in enhancing the look of your shots. It will not only enhance your Live Photos but also change the look of it.

So these were our top three picks. What’s more interesting is that you can also alter live photos easily on your iPhone with these apps. So now, say goodbye to the old Instagram filters and say Hey, to amazing edited pictures. Use these apps and have fun with iPhone photography.

Serious issues with Live Photos on the iPhone

Over the past couple of years, many people have been in a love/hate relationship with Live Photos on the iPhone. They mostly love the way a small video goes along with every photo. It is quite fun to photograph their kid too.

Now you must be thinking people love it, then why do they hate it if it is doing its job? To be honest there are few imitations with live photos. It is perfect for everyday image editing, but it does come with a few cons. And you will be shocked when you find out that it has some missing features. Without wasting your time, let’s get straight to the topic.

1. Healing Tool is missing

Firstly, it does not have a healing tool, which you will find in other photo editor apps. Some users dislike it because there is no option to make selective adjustments to a specific part of their photo. Besides, we all need a healing tool that removes the specific object from the background. And that feature is missing!

2. Frame rate is very bad

Want to know what is the biggest problem? Sometimes, users get frustrated due to the low frame rate. It turns their cool video into the worst clip. If a person is walking in the Live Photos, the low frame rate will make the quick moment look bad. 

It is really agonizing and annoying! If you have been through that, then you already know what we are talking about. And unfortunately, there is not a single option to adjust resolution or frame rate settings.


3. Sync problem

Apple hasn’t fixed one more bug. Many users reported that when they download Live Photos from iCloud onto a Mac, it displays as regular photos. What a waste of time! Instead of that, they have to import the Live Photos from their phone to view on a Mac. Disappointing, no?

What now?

However, we still believe that Live Photos are awesome, and it is good at its job even if it has a few issues.

Our Final Verdict

New iOS buddies can now enjoy this super fool Live Photos feature and beautify their lovely shots. Giving a pro touch is all you need, so do not forget to try our quick and easy methods. This feature will help you in so many situations.

And of course, the most obvious one is for shooting and editing Live Photos. Also, use other features as well, if you want flexibility while capturing pictures. Become a pro editor and teach other amateurs to use Live Photos, Adjustment Tools, Filters, Using Crop, and much more.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any other tips or queries. If this article helped you in some way, then please give feedback to us because it will make our day.

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