How To Get Grass Stains Out of Shoes

I just rescued a pair of shoes; they were trapped in a store.”

Well, the quote above must be relatable if you are a sneakerhead too.

But hey, are you one of a kind who can’t resist the walk in the green garden stains too and hence a nature lover too?

Well, if yes, we are certain that grass stains on your shoes must be a matter of concern for you.

White Shoes
White Shoes

On that note, we are here to be music to your ears as this is a perfect place for you to grab information on the following things;

How to clean shoes with toothbrush
Home remedies to clean white shoes
How to get stains out of white shoes
How to clean white rubber on shoes
How to remove set-in stains
Using household bleach and peroxide solution

Woah! That’s too much information on cleaning your shoes and keeping them as good as new, isn’t it?

Well, the real surprise will unfold when you will start reading your treasure of information as there are so many things more about shoes that we are going to discuss apart from the ones mentioned above.

So, without wasting any time, let’s begin knowing how to get grass stains out of shoes.

Shoes on Loose!

We are wondering, reader, to dope out your concern, let’s make the easy start!

Having said that let’s unroot the answer for the most basic yet important question everyone has in their mind.

Now you must be wondering who comes in the category of this ‘everyone’, right?


Well, those we go to the park for jogging in the morning and couldn’t do anything but have to step onto the grass which is sometimes wet and leaves stains on their jogging shoes.

Also, those who like to do mat related work-out like yoga, and do that specifically on the grass to get those extra benefits of it also lookout for solutions that we are about to provide you.

So, here is your piece of precious information on;

  • How to get grass stains out of white shoes?

You might have heard using bleach to clean those precious white shoes you have. But you must have many times denied doing that because the fear of losing their quality was too much to bear.

And now you are here looking for answers to clean your white sports shoes or sneakers without compromising their quality.

The easiest, simplest and safest home remedies to clean white shoes, you can do to get back the spotless look of your shoes while saving their cloth is by washing them with vinegar.

Yes, vinegar! Afterall, who doesn’t have vinegar at their home all the time? The safest, natural and best way to remove all the grass stains from not just your white shoes but any colour of shoes.

Although, stains are more visible on white shoes and that is why everybody is more concerned about them.

One third cup of white vinegar, mixed with two third cups of warm water and then applying this mixture of liquids with the help of a cotton cloth on your shoes.

Dab the soaked cloth repeatedly on your shoes and then clean the shoes again with a clean cloth to witness your shoes shining as good as new.


What an easy and handy method to remove grass stains from shoes is that! 

There is another thing that concerns those who wear white shoes a lot. Now let’s look at another way to keep them clean and tidy.

  • How to clean white rubber on shoes?

Just like your shoes can be of any color, they can be of any material as well. Leather, synthetic, textiles, or rubber.

But what if you have white rubber shoes specifically? Since they are trending the most nowadays, they are in fashion and almost everyone owns at-least 1 or 2 pairs of white rubber shoes.

You can be one of those too, we like to wear these casual and trendy shoes almost everywhere. But how do you prefer cleaning them?

Take out your dirty white rubber shoes right now get ready to clean them because here is your solution to this problem as well!

You must have heard the name of white magic eraser, don’t you? The ones came into existence for cleaning walls and other household items.

Yup, the same magic eraser can be used to clean your white rubber on shoes as well. Just damp the eraser a little bit, remove the excess water and apply it directly on the dirty marks on your shoes and get the best cleaning result instantly!

  • How to clean shoes with a toothbrush?

Since we are talking about the home remedies for cleaning shoes, the most common tool used in doing this job must not be left out, right?

Toothbrush on Shoes
Toothbrush on Shoes

So, lets understand how to use a toothbrush in cleaning your precious shoes.

Using a toothbrush for cleaning shoes is as easy as using it for cleaning your teeth. You have to apply on your shoes whatever solution you are using for cleaning them and then scrub your shoes with the help of an old/used toothbrush.

Make sure to be gentle on your shoes and tough on the stains and also make sure to keep your toothbrush wet enough to be able to clean properly while making sure there is not excess of water.

Then clean your shoes with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth and voila! Your shoes are neat and clean again.

Say Goodbye to Your Dirty Shoes! 

Nope! We are not asking you to throw away your dirty shoes, just throw away the dirt with all the more techniques that we are about to share with you.

Get ready to get your sparkling shoes back by following the shoe cleaning methods given below.

  • Clean white vans

We just read above how to keep your rubber shoes white. What about your white vans? How to keep them tidy?

Well to do that, you need your toothbrush again with some peroxide paste and rub them gently yet thoroughly against your shoes. Just dip your toothbrush in the cleaning paste and start doing the needful.

The paste will help in bringing back its spotless white by scrubbing away all the stains from your shoes.


Another easy way to give life to your lovely sneakers, isn’t it?

Another easy method that people use to keep their vans white is by washing them in a washing machine.

If you too are wondering, can you put vans in the washer or not? Then the answer is yes, but make sure to run the machine in a gentle mode and don’t forget to remove the laces from the shoes before putting them in the machine.

And if you are adding a cleaner along with your shoes, make sure to avoid any bleach content in order to save your shoes from turning yellow.

  • Your leather or suede shoes

How do you prefer cleaning your leather or suede shoes? While they don’t last very long, you still must keep them cleans and tidy till you wear them, right?

So, let’s understand how to clean your leather or suede shoes.

If you have oil or grease marks on them, use vinegar for cleaning them. Just a mild dab of vinegar using a cotton cloth will do the job.

If your shoes look very old and have lost their shine and colour, don’t polish them at all. Instead, dye them using an aerosol-based suede dye and give them a new and fresh look.

If your shoes are wet and you are worried that the watermark will stay permanently on them, then apply some talcum powder on your shoes immediately so that the powder can soak the water and there will be no stains on them. Clean the powder with a cloth later on if required.

Leather Shoes
Leather Shoes

For any other kind of stains, you can use the regular pencil eraser to keep them clean and stains free.

  • How to remove set-in stains?

If you are having any other kind of stain on your shoes that might stay there forever, add two tablespoons of vinegar and your regular laundry detergent in some water and use this solution to clean stains from your shoes by rubbing it on the shoe with the help of a cloth and removing all the stains in contains.

Since we are talking about cleaning different types of shoes using different methods, here is a treat for you. let us quickly understand using household bleach and peroxide solution for future reference of cleaning. Useful and good idea, isn’t it

Using a peroxide solution at home can be dangerous, reader! Yes, this solution can be very dangerous for you, read below to know why.

Although the H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide is found naturally in the environment, it is extremely dangerous to use in its concentrated form.

The solution can cause irritation to your sink because of being too strong and can also damage your mucous membranes.

If you wish to use it at home, make sure to be very careful and understand how to store it. and don’t pour it more than what you require to avoid accidents.

On the other hand, household bleach is not too dangerous until mixed with a wring substance. If you don’t cover the bleach properly, it can release a gas that can cause irritation to your lungs, when it comes in contact with air.

This cleaning agent won’t take much time in becoming a skin irritating agent if not used correctly and in accordance to the instructions given on its label.


Reader, incorrect use of these two cleaning agents can cause severe accidents and can also lead a person to death. Sharing this information with you was a necessary precautionary measure while discussing different aspects of cleaning.


Cleaning your shoes is a good habit as well as a necessity. There are several home remedies and other ways to clean them easily and effortlessly.

Also, keeping in mind all the do’s and don’ts while cleaning your shoes and also of the method of cleaning you opt for, is equally important to avoid unnecessary accidents with yourself or with the shoes.

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