How To Get Perfume Smell Out Of Clothes?

Going for an outing and not spraying a fragrance all around your clothes. Well, we know that’s out of the question? Who doesn’t want to smell good?

However, the question of concern is the after-party effect!

The issue that bothers the most is the smell of perfume after washing the clothes.

We got you, right?

As a matter of fact, getting a loitering perfume smell indicates the presence of preservatives and several other additives including silicone, alcohol, and petroleum chemicals, which make the odor stay longer in your fabric. 


However, don’t worry anymore, because you are likely to get the smell out of clothes using items available in your kitchen pantry. 

So, let’s get the answers on How to get rid of the perfume smell without washing.

Some concentrated scents are quite difficult to get rid of from laundry compared to body sprays that are the least concentrated ones. 

For the moment, dryer sheet odors and fabric softeners are much harder to eradicate as the product employs a silicone formulate to coat every fabric.

 That is why the fabric feels soft and smooth with an overwhelming scent. 

If you are searching for the most reliable and affordable way to get smells out of clothes without washing, make use of the following methods:

Hang clothes outside to air and sun:

Leaving the clothes outside to the sun and fresh air is the easiest way to throw away a fragrance from them. Even heavier perfumes can also be removed with this technique but you need some time. 

Simply, leave it for a minimum of three hours to get the detergent smell out of clothes


Furthermore, you should not hesitate to blow the fabric close to the plants or trees if you have a garden nearby. This is because all the plants have the capacity to absorb odors. 

Afterall, nature itself has all the answers, right!

Now, let’s move ahead and let us go another way!

Introduce odor remover spray:

There are numerous fabric fresheners available in the market that are useful in neutralizing the fragrance of perfume on clothes. 

Select the one, which is:

. mild, 
. fragrance-free, and 
. dermatologically tested too. 

Just spray on the clothe areas where the smell of any unwanted fragrance is too strong. Then, let them out exposed to air for some time before wearing it back the fresh piece.

Pretty Nice! Isn’t it

Furthermore, do you know how useful dry sheets can be?

Let’s find out !

Dryer sheets rubbing:

Have you used dryer sheets to take away scents from your outfit?

 If no, make it happen. Make sure you select the dryer sheets to pack with a fragrance you can tolerate. It will be a perfect way if you don’t need to remove any odor but just to replace it with another one, which offends your nose much more. 


Need to achieve a quick fix? 

Gently rub the dryer sheet over any clothes that you like to remove the smell from. If you have enough time, keep the sheets lying on the clothing item and wrap it. Leave for a long time to let the sheet aroma infuse and cover the fragrance.

WoW, it was fresh advice, right!

We are not done yet with the useful information. Keep reading!

Blow them in a tumble dryer:

The fragrance removing effort will become better easily if you have a tumble dryer that you can make use of to evaporate the fragrance smell from your fabric.

Certainly, you have to check out at what place and temperature you allow the garment to be in a dryer.

Blow them in a tumble dryer
Blow them in a tumble dryer

Fix the dryer temperature to remain hottest. Using any of your dryer sheets is also recommended here. Keep the clothes in a tumble for just 10 to 15 minutes.

Now, remove the clothing from the dryer and wear it or hang it up before it gets wrinkled. 


Steaming can help you a lot to get perfume smell out of dry clean only clothes

Certain ways are possible to steam scent out of clothing. Yeah, you can employ steam in the form of boiling waters, showers, and steam cleaners.

Hanging clothes in a steam room is the perfect way of using steam. This is quite possible whenever you visit a gym.

Getting access to any steam cleaner is also beneficial. You need to ensure that you just let the steam reach the apparel to make it refreshing and not soaking it down.

At last, steam coming from a kettle would also help you here. Boil the water in a kettle and hang the clothing above the kettle to allow the steam to get through it. Stay yourself away from the steam because it may easily damage you.

Alcohol Application:

You are really surprised to see the effectiveness of alcohol in removing the fragrance of scent from an outfit.

Opt for reasonable and fragrance-free alcohol. 

Take a few quantities of alcohol in a spray bottle and sprinkle it over your apparel that you want to refresh it. You can test a small area instead of adding too many stains on your clothing.

While evaporating, the alcohol will take the perfume smell along with it. To remove tough scents, re-application is required.

Sprinkle on vinegar solution:

No doubt, vinegar is an excellent solution for taking away wilful smell from clothes. It can do better particularly if you add it to a wash cycle. 

Vinegar may come in handy to rescue the situation when you want to get rid of the cologne smell from clothes faster without using harmful chemicals and washing machines.

use of vinegar
use of vinegar

As vinegar is acidic in nature, it effectively works as an everyday cleaner. Furthermore, vinegar is a common food ingredient that will not cause any damage particularly if you have any allergic issues, which may become worse with the use of harsh chemicals. 

Go for distilled white vinegar instead of a malt variety. Now, follow the below-given steps.

• Take a spray bottle to mix the water and distilled white vinegar in an equal proportion
• Now, spin the outfit to expose the inner side out
• Liberally spray the mixture and leave the solution to get evaporated 
• To ensure no stains, test a little area first

Shower with baking soda:

Using baking soda is a fantastic remedy while absorbing the fragrance or smell attached to your clothes.  Just take a pinch of baking soda and sprinkle it over the areas of fabric you need to refresh and leave it for a while to allow the baking soda to do the things.


Make sure the area is dry and clean before applying the product.

Once the baking soda performs its magic, shake it off with much care. Otherwise, white marks are likely to be seen in the areas if you try to rub the sprinkles baking soda.

Provide them a flavor of coffee:

Here, we do not mean the coffee in the liquid form but the dry coffee beans. Do you know coffee beans have the absorbing property? Yes, it can absorb almost all kinds of smells as effectively as possible.

To remove perfume smell from clothes,

• Take a sock or even a cotton bag to tie up the dry coffee beans
• Now, place the clothing with this sock or bag of coffee beans
• Leave them undisturbed for sometime

You can now see the fragrance removed from the clothing without washing

Spray diluted lemon juice:

Spraying diluted lemon juice is another way to remove perfume quickly from clothing, which does not need washing.

• Making diluted lemon juice is very easy
• Take a spray bottle and mix a tablespoon of concentrated lemon juice with a cup of water
• Now, turn your clothing apparel inside out
• Carefully spray the solution and leave it to dry

Make sure the lemon solution does not leave any stains on your wearable. 

A mixture of sodium bicarbonate and Borax:

Again, we can use baking soda that is nothing but sodium bicarbonate, whereas borax is a usual chemical substance used for both domestic and commercial purposes.

How can this mixture help to neutralize perfume odor? 


To take away the smell, mix baking soda and sodium bicarbonate equally and make a powdery form. The aforementioned mixture works well even in the removal of pungent tobacco smell.

Sprinkle the mixture onto the clothes and leave it for around 25 minutes. Now, shake off the garments to let the mixture fall off from the dress. You are now ready to wear apparel.

Tea tree:

Tea tree oil is effective in taking away the perfume smell. Mix one teaspoon of tea tree with one cup of water to make it diluted.

Now, pour the mixture solution into an atomizer to spray it onto the garment from which you want to get sweat smell out of clothes.

Upon spraying, hang the dress on a hanger for a while


Despite the vodka used for celebrations and parties, we can use it to work to remove perfume smell from fabric. To execute this home remedy, you simply need to put a little quantity of vodka in a spray bottle to sprinkle it over your clothes and later, hang the apparel up for 15 minutes.

Apply soda:

Oil or grease is a substance causing a musty smell on your clothing. A small stain does not need the entire garment to toss in the wash. Instead, using Coca-cola is the easiest way to get the musty smell out of clothes without washing. 

The acidic nature of soda will break down oil or grease particles and lift away the smell from the clothes. Since the recipe is used for drinking, it does not harm your skin. This technique will exceptionally work for spot treatments.

Use of charcoal:

Charcoal is a powerful deodorizer used in homes, particularly in cellars and basements. Just like the coffee ground tactic, charcoal has the ability to take away foul smell without having to add any sweet fragrances to the garment. 

Use of charcoal
Use of charcoal

Have a paper bag to collect a few briquettes and then, fold the garment on top of it. Let it rest overnight to enjoy the clean and crisp freshness in the morning.

How To Remove Body Odor From Clothes Without Washing:

Workout apparel is a type of garment, which needs loads of unwanted washes. Though the gym clothes enhance our body for just an hour, it gets tossed into the dirty laundry as immediately as you can.

Most of them do not completely run the washer while cleaning their workout clothes as allowing the sweat to accumulate on the apparel for a long time may cause mildew. So, placing them in the freezer is the best action to remove body odor from clothes.

Turn up the garment tightly and then, place them in a plastic bag to freshen the apparel without having to expose them to unwanted damages. If you leave the garment in freezing temperature for the whole night, it will kill the bacteria caused by the sweat and even let you put it on once again before washing.

Use Newspaper To Absorb Smell:

Using newspapers is a strange yet effective way to make clothing fragrance good. A newspaper will absorb moisture that gets trapped within the smelliest areas of the outfit. 

Ball up a newspaper into several pieces and shove in the smell areas overnight to soak up the odors together with the moisture. You can leave it undisturbed for several hours if you cannot let it rest the whole night. 

You can apply this same method to wet shoes, which need to absorb and dry musty smells caused due to excess moisture.

Wool Balls For Cleaning Up Clothes:

If wool balls are used in the dryer, it helps to get rid of the perfume smell. Wool balls are natural and reusable fabric softeners to do magic in regaining the good fragrance in clothing.

They remain active up to a thousand loads without creating much waste compared to usual dryer sheets. To use these softeners, you never need any washing. 


Just include them in your dryer together with the garment and allow the dryer to run on a non-heat setting for about 10 minutes

To increase the good fragrance, you can also add a few essential oil drops and wait for some minutes to get essential oils to soak into the wool completely before you toss them into the dryer. 

How to get perfume stain out of clothes:

Soak the clothing well before washing:

Before you start washing, don’t forget to immerse your clothes in a washing machine or sink, which has a cup of sodium bicarbonate and warm water. The soaking vessel should be large enough to soak the smelly clothing completely. 

How to get perfume stain out of clothes
How to get perfume stain out of clothes

Generally, overnight is a sufficient time period. However, some may suggest for a few days. Instead of a long soak, you can repeat the process of soaking, washing, and drying cycle as many times as you can. 

Washing the clothes:

To follow the soaking, wash your clothes with much care. You can either use a washer or by hand to wash clothes. Include a tablespoon of distilled white vinegar into the rinse cycle. 

Allow the garment to soak in the vinegar detergent for an hour because the purpose of adding vinegar is to remove the perfume smell from clothes

Include a bonus rinse cycle to assure that the entire detergent gets rinsed out of your clothing. 

Dry out the clothes:

To obtain the best outcomes, dry out the cleanly washed garment on the clothesline to assure getting excess sunlight and fresh air. Despite the sunlight helping in removing the odors, bright sunlight may also fade dye colors. Thus, hang dark-colored shirts in the shade.

Dry out the clothes
Dry out the clothes

The clothes get a final opportunity to air out from the line drying. While using a clothes dryer, you should opt for a low-temperature setting including the permanent press selection. This is because the high temperature may cause the odor residues to penetrate deeply into the apparel.

Proper storing of clothes:

With the seasonal changes, storing clothes out of a strong perfume fragrance is not the best option. However, you can keep the perfumed clothes in a completely covered plastic tub or else an air-tight plastic bag together with a little amount of baking soda if you do not have the required time to clean them. As said before, the baking soda absorbs the odor.

If anyone will get through these steps, he or she will effectively take away smells and stains present in the clothing. Repeat the process if your apparel still gets hold of chemically irritating or bothersome scents. 


Most people make use of perfume to express their style and personality. So, they want their scent to be unique while going out. However, mixing your favorite scent with another fragrance is really unpleasant. Hence, these simple but successful things will be useful to enjoy your individual scent.

We hope you found the information on how to remove fragrance from clothes useful. You are likely to get some of them in your kitchen. If not, you can easily purchase them from a nearby store. 

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