How To Make A Homemade Pill Press

Do you ever wonder why we have pills and tablets when we are sick? Why doctors suggest a prescription full of tablets. 

Well, we know the answer is plain and simple!!

Modern medicines can treat our illness and disease easily and have the capacity to increase our life span. 

But, have you ever given a thought over making your own tablets at home? 

We know what you are thinking. You don’t even know what compounds are used in making those pills and how to make them at home. 


If you have already given the thought of making your own medicine,  but don’t know how to make pills. Keep reading this piece for quick ways.

To begin with, let’s get the basics straight and find out why you should make your own pills or tablets.

So here are some facts!

  1. The initial investment is low: The first thought that must have come in your mind that homemade pill press machines will cost a lot. But it is actually very low investment that is required.
  1. Know what you are having: If you are really interested to know what you are having in a tablet from that homemade pills can help you with that. You can understand what materials in how much amount you need and what is right for you. You can accordingly mould your own tablet.

Pretty Sorted!!! Now let’s initiate the process of how to make a pill.

To begin with, here is a quick tip!

Tablets always consist of two or more ingredients and binding agents. You should have a proper prescription and know how to mix the ingredients all together in a certain amount to get the desired pills. 

Basic Process:

You have to add the binding agent with the mixtures to get the texture. It should be liquid. 

Basic Process
Basic Process

The texture should look like a tight paste. 

Then you can put it in your homemade machine and press it and let the tablet come out of the other side and let it dry for 24-48 Hours. Then your pills will be ready.

Now, you know the time investment, let us help you with homemade pill press technique that will get you an idea of the proper shape of a tablet.

How to make a homemade pill press:

There are many ways that you can make homemade pill presses. Here we are with techniques:

1) Make hand held pill press:

As the name suggests handheld press. This type of pill press is small and portable. You can make 1 pill at a time by using it. If you are making homemade pill presses then you can decide:

  •  Depth required
  •  Diameter of the pill. 

Afterward, you should have two pistons to press the pill hard enough. There are other hand-held pill presses available in the market as well. 

And now, you have to make sure after adding the tablet mix you have to use full pressure so that the tablet binds.

It is quite easy if you are making only one pill. But what if you need more pills in uniform shape and size. What would you do? Does it sound difficult to you? 

Let us make it a bit easier for you.

Yes, it is a bit challenging to make repetitive uniform pills of the same quantity in each. Flat tablets are easy to make. 


You can use a wooden dowel and a wooden base to make the tablet. Here are some benefits:  

  • With a wooden base you can make a whole of your required size and make sure that the dowel fits into the hole. 
  • You can pour the material into the hole and press it with the dowel which will act like a piston. 
  • Once you get the desired tablet you can mark on the dowel and use the same pressure for the repetitive pills. This is the low-cost material with which you can produce your tablets.

Furthermore, there is one more option!!!

2. Pill Making machine

  • Pill making machines are easy to use to make your own tablet This is a mechanical device which transforms the powders into tablets in uniform size and shape. There are two types of Pill making machine– 
  • Manual 
  • automatic. 

You can buy your desired machine by giving an order to store. With the help of pill making machines it will be easier for you to make “N” numbers of pills in less time.

If you are still looking for demos on how to make a pill before trying, the following video may help you to do so. There are many videos on YouTube that can help you with homemade pills. In the video proper casting has been done. You can use your own tool to make the pills. 


It is always good to know what you are swallowing. But it is advised to use proper precautions and understanding before you make your first pill. 

Hope this piece has given you enough understanding on how to make pills with the help of pill making machine and hand-held pill press.

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