How to Plan a Destination Wedding

“Weekend forecast: wedding planning, wine, sleep, repeat.”

Your weekend forecast has already been predicted and you are spending it with us by knowing some amazing and useful techniques to plan a destination wedding.

While wedding is one of the most celebrated occasions of a person’s life, planning the flawless, pitch-perfect and dreamy wedding is a huge task to accomplish.And when it comes to destination wedding, all the hard-work and tension increases along with hopes and expectations.

So, to help you in accomplishing your destination wedding goals and unload from all the anxiety and preparations, we have made a full guide for you on How to Plan A Destination Wedding.

No matter if it’s your own wedding or of someone close to you, reading out the details given below will make you a pro in planning the destination wedding so forget all your work and continue reading the essentials.

The Wedding Saga

“And so, the adventure begins!”

Whether you consider it the adventure of a new married life or of planning your own destination wedding, the adventure is already on and you have participated in it so we welcome you at the wedding saga.


A destination wedding is simply a wedding that is held in a setting away from your hometown. celebration. A destination that suits your mood, choice and sets the best with the arrangements you want in your wedding while getting married away from your home aka comfort zone.

Talking about the preparations of a destination wedding, here is our destination wedding planning guide for lovers who don’t settle for less and want to make their special day a grand occasion that is remembered forever.

Here how to plan a wedding step by step and all the things to keep in mind:

The Location

The first thing you need to research upon is the location you are choosing when you are planning a destination wedding.

The thing you have to keep in mind while choosing the perfect location for your destination wedding includes your budget as the highest priority. Nobody wants their destination wedding to break their bank, right? Afterall, you have to save money for your honeymoon as well. 

Also, while setting the budget, there’s another thing to take cate of and that is keeping in mind the general guest count that will be attending your wedding. This will help you in narrowing down the destination and resort options for you according to the budget and will make it easier for you to choose since you don’t have to choose from a lot of places now.

Pro Wedding Tip Part 1: considering the bottom line that you have before getting your heart set on a specific location is far better than having high expectations and then hitting the bottom line.

Challenging weather

Making sure the decided destination for the wedding also offers you a suitable weather for the occasion and hence checking out whether your dream location is prone to hurricanes, monsoons, sweltering heat, or other potential weather nightmares at certain times of the year or not is a safe idea? 

And when you get the answer, you must go on with deciding the date for your wedding according to the weather.

Checking the forecast of your wedding location is a must. Specially if you want to avoid nature’s candidness and unpredictability while hosting your wedding.

Also, coordinating things in advance with your resort’s staff and wedding planner just in-case things don’t go too well because of weather, is always a good idea.

Pro Tip Part 2: Remember that a wedding should reflect the couple’s personalities and so, considering your style before picking a destination is a good option. Just sit back and think whether you both are party people or super laid-back and then find a location that lets you be exactly who you want to be on your grand day!

Of-course you can adjust with not so comfortable places at personal level, for the sake of your wedding but making sure your destination doesn’t test you is a must.

The wedding planner

Before we discuss the wedding planner, we have another thing on the list of destination wedding tips aka pro tip part 3 and that is to make sure your destination wedding venue is easy to reach.

If a direct flight or a single train ride or car ride can make you reach their easily then the destination is perfect but if you choose a remote or too distant location that involves a long and tiring flight along with a 2-hour bus ride then a taxi followed by a trek up a mountain as well just to get there, then get ready to get extremely tired, pissed just before your wedding along with saying goodbye to half your guest list.

Coming back to the destination wedding planner we have got some suggestion on how to select the best wedding planner for your wedding.

  • Firstly, choose a wedding planner that has got your vision and can understand your ideas and expectations completely and can bring them to life with their creativity.
  • Secondly, make sure the wedding planner is not only pro at his/her work but is also familiar with the destination as it will help you a lot in planning your special day.
  • Lastly, do some research and make sure the person you ate hiring has got contacts with vendors that will save you some additional time of other bookings and don’t forget to check out the wedding planner’s reputation as well.

See below to grab the list of other destination wedding essentials as well.

The Grandeur Planning

“Your day, Your way!”

Yes! it’s your day and it should look exactly the way you wanted it to since forever whether simple or grand, don’t miss onto any of your desires while planning your wedding.

Coming back to the destination wedding book, here’s everything else that needs to be done.

  1. The guest list:

As discussed above, creating a guest list before deciding the venue is a great option. And now, sine the list has been decided, it’s time to send them the invites and inform them about your destination wedding so that even they can prepare their stuff in time.

  1. The food:

While food is the most important thing of any wedding, choosing a menu that includes dishes of the destination you are getting married at is a smart idea.

Let your guests know more about the choice you have made while selecting the place as your wedding destination.

  1. Registration

When you are getting married in a different country, its important to make arrangements that can get you an official marriage certificate easily.

Do some research, know the laws and make this your priority.

  1. Saving

Going all local and saving money is not a bad thing. Hire a planner that can help you in getting local things and booking that will save your time, money, hard-work and also the mess of transporting things.

Most people usually have a thing for beach weddings. Getting married on an island or a country with beaches is very popular and if you are one of them, see below to know how to plan a beach wedding and make necessary arrangements for the same.

Boisterously Beachy

“And so, the adventure begins.”

Your wedding adventure begins in advance if you plan to have a bombshell beach wedding. But with dreams comes responsibilities and if you want your special day to be truly memorable, you have to do certain things.

Firstly, to plan a beach wedding, you must do all the things that are mentioned above. Secondly here is the lest of things you have to prepare:

  1. Check if the beach you have planned to get married at needs an official permit.
  2. Since you are getting married by the beach, be prepared for windy conditions in advance by making your décor windproof.
  3. Plan things wisely and avoid crowds as much as you can since beach weddings also don’t look good with overcrowded guests.
  4. Make some arrangements that will prevent you and your guests from getting bug bites.
  5. Let everyone be comfortable at your wedding by arranging sturdy seating.
  6. Make sure there’s some shade for your guests as it can be hot and humid by the beach since the sun will shine exactly above your head.
  7. Don’t overdecorate the venue, let the beach’s natural features show.
  8. While choosing the décor, add colours to contrast with the light colour of the sand and sea.
  9. Have a backup plan in case the weather is not suitable for the wedding.

Pro tip part 4: While swimming with those dolphins and hanging out with your family and friends on a new place with amazing weather and landscapes are important, don’t forget the main reason you’re there: to get married! So, making sure your wedding is still the most important thing and don’t let the destination take over your special day.


Everyone plans and dreams about their wedding every now and then and everyone wants their wedding to be perfect no matter if it’s a small and simple event or a grand one.

But whether it’s a grand or simple wedding, it requires hard-work and planning to be exactly according to your choice, isn’t it?

Therefore, don’t miss out any information that is given above and make sure to arranges things that will make your wedding the best day of your life.



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