How To Taper Jeans? Method Explained In Detail!

Do you have a pair of jeans that no longer fits you? Or have you found an old pair of jeans on the top shelf of your cupboard that has good material but does not fit you? Do you want to recycle your old jeans and turn them into new fitting jeans? Do you want to know the easiest way to “how to taper jeans at the ankle?

If you have all these problems, then we have got your back. We all have one or two pairs of jeans that have wide legs and don’t fit us.

Perhaps the jeans are old or your height is shorter than average, which is why the pants are loose. Here we have solutions to all your problems. You can simply alter them as per your needs and rock any of your outfits.

As we all know trends keep changing every month, but some people don’t have enough money to buy a new pair of jeans for their wardrobe.

So, altering old jeans is their only option.

Jeans are one of the most worn and staple items in a woman’s closet. You can wear it daily, and pair up with sneakers and a t-shirt. Also, as fashion keeps changing, and these days, women’s pants come in different styles and cuts, which are suitable for each woman with different body shapes.

How To Taper Jeans

However, don’t jump on the bandwagon, and try to buy new pants, which is trending on the internet, but does not look good on you! It will waste your both time and money.

Instead, turn tour old pair of jeans into a new one after following our quick and easy DIY methods. Everybody wants to look and feel beautiful and confident.

So when altering the jeans, it is important to know what your body shape is and what jeans style of fit will suit you and compliment your natural form.

What are tapered jeans?

Regular tapered jeans can completely change your style game and make your legs look thin. Tapered fit jeans start tapering going from the below-knee length towards the bottom.

Moreover, it gets starts getting shorter in width as it goes down from the waist. Some people love this type of jeans because it shows their ankle.
Also, it looks super cool when you wear a top along with sneakers. Taper jeans may look short, but it is perfectly stitched from the knee.

They are also a bit roomier at the top, which gives perfect space to your knees, your butt, as well as thighs.

These kinds of jeans are fairly form-fitting and are somewhat similar to skinny jeans.

How to taper pants without sewing?

Purchasing a new pair of pants gets pretty expensive. So if you are looking for any other alternative, then you can turn your old wide-leg jeans into skin fit jeans with the help of two ways. However, you will have to make a few changes to taper your jeans.

The first way is by sewing it, but if you aren’t confident with your sewing skills, then there is another way as well.
Jeans Fashion
Taper Jeans Fashion
The second method is a glue stick method. Trust us it isn’t stickier or messier as it sounds, but it will surely become your savior. In this method, instead of sewing tapered jeans women’s, you have to glue it from the sides with zippers.
  • Firstly, turn your pants inside out and put them on. Now, sit on the ground, and lay your legs straight. This is a critical step that will help you in making permanent changes to your denim.
  • Pinch and pull the excess fabric around the outer side of the seam, which will help you to make it narrower. Try to keep a room for the calf, or else you won’t be able to take off the jeans.
You don’t want your legs to look like chicken legs, now do you?
  • Use chalk to draw a line from the knee to the ankle on the outer edges of the pants. You can also use washable fabric markers to mark the lines or dots in the cloth. These lines should begin from below your knees and continue down towards the ankle. Make sure to keep some space for your legs and don’t make them too loose.
  • Take off the jeans, and pin them on each side of the drawn lines. Put them in again, and see if they fit perfectly. Adjust the pins if they are too tight or loose.
  • In this step, cut straight, through the pin lines from the knees to the ankle to remove the excess fabric. Take two navy blue plastic tooth zippers that have a perfect length from the knees to the ankle. You can use any color of your choice to blend in with your jeans. If you want jeans with a small leg opening, then the zipper will help you tighten the pants around the ankle area.
  • And finally, apply fabric glue on the left side of the zipper, and then press it to the left side of the cut pants onto the glue. Make sure that the zipper opens at the ankle by end of the pants.
  • Similarly, glue the right side of the zipper to the right side of the pants. Now, let the glue dry for a few minutes. Then, turn the pants right side out and wear it. Tada, your tapered skinny jeans are ready!
How To Taper Jeans

What is the difference between tapered and slim jeans?

When you are choosing pants, make sure to pick the right fit, which looks good on you.

Nowadays, from straight tapered jeans to baggy jeans and cuts, various types of pants are available in the fashion market.

One of the most popular fit is a slim and tapered fit. Both these jeans hug your curves perfectly and make you look pretty.

What are Tapered Fit Pants?

As the name suggests, tapered jeans are the form of skinny and form-fitting pants. Moreover, these pants become narrow towards the bottom. It usually gets tightened from knee to ankle. Many fashion brands create tapered jeans that are a bit roomier at the top and narrow at the bottom. Many women love these pants because they comfortably fit your hips and thighs.

Mostly, this type of pants is suitable for those who have a wide waist and hips. So basically, these jeans are wider at the hip area and narrower in the ankle area.

What are Slim Fit Pants?

Compared to Tapered fit jeans, Slim fit jeans are tighter around the thighs. Moreover, they are neither too tight nor too loose. It has a tighter leg opening and more comfortable than skinny jeans. Girls who are looking for more comfort and style, then this is the best fit for you.

The slim fit jeans have a narrower leg opening, slim through the thigh and straight through the hip. It gives shape to the legs, so it is mostly suitable for skinny women. If you want to draw some attention to the thighs and bottom, then use these jeans because they are best for you. If you have a narrower chest and shoulders, then these slim-fit jeans are a good choice.

It can give an impression of extra weight around your bottom as well as your thigh. Also, it is the tightest fit available after skinny fit.

Are there any similarities between Tapered and Slim Fit?

The slim fit and the tapered fit is somewhat alike. These pants look good on lean and slim people. Moreover, both fits are tighter than regular fit pants.

How Much Does It Cost To Taper Jeans?

The price to taper jeans mostly depends on the style, how pants are constructed, the fabric, who will be tapering it, and what method needs to be followed. Sometimes, for a better fit, the tailor will stitch the pants from the scratch for less cost.

If you need alterations like putting in new zippers, adding elastic waist pants, hem, and waist needed to be done, as well as tapering legs, then purchase new jeans unless you really love it.

Jeans Fashion
Stylish Jeans

If you still want to alter your pants, then ask for the right price from the tailor. First, let them check the fitting of the pant and then ask them to give a price. Find the best tailor in your area who knows how to alter the pants at a reasonable cost.

Trust the expert who asks you for the fitting on the pants before tapering it. The cost of the pants also depends on where the shop of the tailor is located.

A tailor living in a metropolitan area might charge more than the one, who lives in rural areas due to expenses, costs as well as rent. Besides, their methods may also vary.


In brief, before altering the jeans make sure to see what kind of jeans fits you and defines your curves. If you are running low on your budget and still want to alter your pants, then we suggest you go for tapered pants.
It will surely highlight your curves and fit perfectly around your ankles.

If you want to save your time and money, make sure to buy the right jeans from a top-rated brand.

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