How to wash dress shirts?

It has been quoted correctly that ‘one can never go wrong with the crisp white shirt to dress up any look’. The grace of white shirts can be ignored easily. Right!

Considering the fact, we acknowledge that this good read must be attracted you as you are one of those who are  ‘crazy of white’ when it comes to trail of various styles’

And so, we are certain that you must be bothered as you have purchased an expensive white dress shirt, and now you are worried about cleaning it. 

A White Shirt
A White Shirt

Well, we know that sometimes, it can be very frustrating to remove a stain. Moreover, you feel like bursting at the seams in your dress shirt because it has shrunk a little.

A white dress shirt tends to lose its quality after some time if not cared properly. If you wash and dry it well, then it can last for a few more years. 

Hence, in this piece of read, we have answered all your queries regarding cleaning your dress shirts.

We have also written quick remedies for numerous problems you face while washing your shirt so you could maintain the grace and charm of your white shirts.

Let’s unroot some quick and easy ways to wash and maintain your love for whites!

How to wash white dress shirts?

If you want to wash your white dress shirt at home, then you can follow our simple remedies.

So take a day off and buckle down to do some chore.
  • Uncuff the shirts, remove collar stays, and unbutton all the buttons before washing the white shirt. 
  • Use detergents or bars to pre-treat any kind of tough stains or spot clean the area around cuffs and collars. First, test in a small area to see how long it takes to remove those tough stains.
  • For lightweight fabric, use a delicate wash cycle, whereas for heavier fabrics, use a normal wash cycle.
  • You can use warm or hot water to wash your white or light-colored dress shirts. 
  • Make sure to avoid any chlorine-based detergent. If you have some stains on your white shirts, then the fabric softener will make it tough to remove those stains.
  • Go for a spin cycle with a slower speed for your delicate white shirt dress.
  • Once the process is complete, remove the shirt quickly. If it sits for too long, then it will develop wrinkles.
  • Don’t use a dryer to dry the clothes. Hang up the shirt to make it dry it naturally. Avoid using the regular hangers, which can create hanger marks, use the rounded ones instead.
  • Lastly, iron the white dress shirts when it is slightly wet. 
Light Blue Shirt
Light Blue Shirt
So, we hope, till now the shared steps to wash your shirts at home can make a deal for you. 

Otherwise, dry cleaning is always an option!

Having said that, now let’s get started with some facts on the dry-cleaning process!

How long does dry cleaning take?

Dry cleaning is not a laborious process, but it requires specific knowledge about garments to clean and dry the shirt in a short period. If you are in a hurry, then put the washing machine in the delicate mode and dry your dress shirt within thirty minutes.

And, if you are concerned about how long it takes to wash and dry clothes? And, you don’t have much time, and you are not sure whether to try this method or not. We assure you that it won’t take much time and it will give you great results. 

Check the steps here!

Soak the shirt in the cleaning solution and let the detergent do its magic on the cloth. After the washing process is complete, it is time for you to dry the shirt. 

An average dry-cleaning process can take up to three to four hours. Apart from that, the washing and drying time can depend on the material type, level of material dirtiness, and other things.

 Next, you can put it in the round hanger and iron it. Your brand-new white shirt is ready to wear!

Dry Cleaned Shirts
Aha! The neatness is admirable! Doesn’t it!

But how about once you wear and see some wrinkles on it?

You guess it right, now we will acknowledge your next concern. Keep reading!

Wrinkle-free dress shirts

It is natural for pressed clothes to wrinkle after you wear them. In the morning, when you wear your white dress shirt, it may look wrinkle-free and smooth. But after a few hours, you might notice small wrinkles forming near the elbows and waist and unsightly creases in the shirt.

 Thankfully, there are few ways to avoid wrinkling by following our easy peasy tips.

Wear an undershirt beneath your white dress shirt.
  • Use anti-wrinkle spray
  • Choose an organic fabric
  • Use a steam iron
  • But the right size in the shirt
  • Get the right size
  • Store on a clothes hanger
  • Avoid folding your white shirt dress in a suitcase.
Wear An Under shirt
Wear An Undershirt

How to starch a shirt?

Is your shirt suffering from limpy collar syndrome? A sloppy collar can ruin your shirt dress and your self-confidence too. So need an instant solution and want your shirt collar to look perfect all the time? We have brought a remedy that is tested and loved by many.

Firstly, turn over your shirt so that the back is facing the iron board. Now, evenly apply the coating of starch on the garment and iron the back of the shirt carefully. Begin the process by starching each arm and finally end it with the collar. After ironing the shirt, hang it immediately.

How to remove a stain out of a white shirt dress without washing it?

If you have a party to attend the next day or an important meeting and want to remove the stain as soon as possible, then we have a quick remedy for you. Sometimes, you cannot remove tough stains even after washing because it requires spot clean only. So try our easy peasy remedy which involves minimal effort.

A Shirt With Stain
A Shirt With Stain

Damp the stained area with water and put some dish soap or any other soap to remove oil-based food or makeup stains. Gently rub the material and try to move your hands in a circular motion. For scrubbing, you can either use a soft sponge or a damp towel.

Does dry cleaning remove stains?

If you think your shirt is ruined after accidentally splashing oil or spilling morning coffee, your pen leaked in your shirt pocket. Trust us, it can be fixed! You can remove such stains quickly if you work on it before it gets dry. You must have basic knowledge about what detergent to use on stains and clothes.

Some remedies can damage the fabric permanently, so you should know what kind of stains can be removed through dry cleaning. Stains are mostly oil-based or water-based, and we have broken down these two categories below to make you understand better.

  • Tannin stains

Alcohol, coffee, tea, wine, and more are some of the most common water-based stains. Dairy and sugar content present in these stains may require other ingredients to get rid of marks.

  • Fat, grease, and oil stains

These stains are like our clingy ex-lovers that don’t leave our lives even after the breakup. These notorious stains have no idea about the power of dry cleaning. Various food items, hair care products, skin care products such as lotions, petroleum jelly, butter, and motor or cooking oil, come under this category.

  • Protein-based stains

Eggs, dairy, meat, sweat, as well as the blood are some of the protein-based stains. To remove these stains, you will have to use certain enzymes to digest them.

  • Dye stains

These stains come from fabric dye (fruit and grass), mustard, ink (pens), paints, and vegetable dyes. Certain stains can combine with other stains and become more stubborn. For example, coffee and milk stain, butter stain (contains both oil and protein), and many more require two steps cleaning methods. You will have to apply a two or three-step process to remove these stains.

What colors can be washed together?

Everybody hates to open their washing machine and find a dark color from a material transferring its color into their lighter clothes. Accidents happen to all of us, but you can stop certain disasters from occurring by sticking to some rules. The best way is to wash your dark clothes separately.

Dirty Clothes  in a Washing Machine
Dirty Clothes in a Washing Machine

When you are washing your white shirt dress, make sure to wash it with other light or pastel-colored clothes. Avoid putting it with dark colors that bleed during the washing process. Besides, it is completely safe to wash, white material with other light colors together. If you are using cold water, then these colors won’t transfer their colors during the washing process.

How long does it take for clothes to air dry?

These days, many people don’t know how to do laundry. They think laundry is a hassle and consumes a lot of time. But it does not take much time.

Washing a shirt can take up to thirty minutes.

Air dry cycle is the next method after washing, and it can last up to two to four hours for almost every fabric. Air drying depends on the absence or the presence of the wind, air temperature, as well as the fabric.

If you are planning to hang your white shirt outside your window in the scorching heat, then it will take more time to air dry than your washing machine. Wind plays a major role in air-drying the material, so you can expect your shirt to dry within 2-4 hours.

How long does it take to wash clothes?

Sometimes, it feels like washing clothes takes an entire day, but all it takes is a couple of hours. Professionals reveal that it takes around 50 minutes to complete a wash cycle. Moreover, you can adjust the time slower or faster, depending on the cycle options or the load size of the washing.

Unbalanced loads, packed clothes, and excessive suds can increase the time of the wash cycle, so check everything before washing.

How many shirts do you need?

Some people get influenced by bloggers and influencers and buy clothes they will never wear. They want to follow the trend and look more fashionable, however, buying unwanted stuff will only waste their money.

But if you fall into the opposite category, then you are safe. If you have a minimalist wardrobe for fewer clothes, then seven pairs of shirts are enough for daily wear.

However, two extra sets are always better to keep in case of an emergency.

How many clothes can you put in a washing machine?

Some people put all their clothes, bedsheets, and other things together in a washing machine to save time, which is so wrong. There is an old saying ‘Haste makes Waste.’ If you rush any work on doing something very fast, then everything will go wrong.

How many clothes do you put in the machine makes a huge difference after the clothes emerge from the washing and drying process. One of the common mistakes people make while washing is overloading the machine.

This mistake will not only destroy the fabrics permanently but also lessen the machine’s lifecycle. You must put the clothes loosely and evenly inside the washing machine.

Follow the instructions mentioned in your watching machine menu. Avoid filling the tub more than three quarters and don’t pile the clothes above the last row holes which are closest to the door.

How Much Will a Dress Shirt Shrink?

While buying a shirt dress, it fits you like a glove, but it shrinks after one wash. We know that it is very frustrating to put your hard-earned money and time into buying it.

It becomes more upsetting when you cannot identify the problem.
A Shrinked Shirt
A Shrinked Shirt

Shrinkage of shirts can depend on the fabric. Mostly, dress shirts are made up of woven cotton fabric, which shrinks 2%. The shrinkage can vary depending on the material. But there are chances for any fabric to shrink around 1% to 3%.

Final Words

We hope our beloved readers find the solutions they were looking for in our articles. Follow our methods, and you will have spotless, and a crispy new white shirt dress after each washing, drying, and ironing process.

Also, spread the word with your pals and let them know about these quick tips and remedies. Check back with us soon for more updates.


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