Have you been dealing with the loss of water pressure at home lately? Have you been continuously feeling distressed about the failing pressures from your water pipes? This is the type of concern individuals have to deal with on a daily basis and feel like there is no definitive way to solve it, other than calling the plumber. 

However, sometimes calling a plumber every time the minutest discomfort arises at home with your water pipes, will be reckless spending of money, when you can solve the problem all by yourself. 

This write-up will provide you with all the necessary details and DIY tricks you fix the problem of low water pressure at home. 


Here is what you can expect to come across in this post:- 

A brief idea about water pressure and water flow
Reasons why your water pressure might be low
Ways you can increase water pressure at home(DIY tips and tricks) 
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the water pressure and what is water flow? 

Prior to getting into the nitty-gritty of the entire process through which you can increase your water pressure at home, it is essential for you to understand the mechanism of water pressure, water flow, and how they are measured. 

Water pressure is the pressure that is used against the pipes and showers placed in your home. It is the force with which the water is being applied to these pipes and the pressure that initiates water flow into a house, that is then used for its utilitarian purposes. There is a popular method that is used to measure water pressure and that measurement is initiated with the unit PSI(pound per square inch). “Good” water pressure at home is said to be in between 50psi to 70psi. Anything that is above or below this is bad water pressure.

Water Pressure Meter

Water flow, on the other hand, is the amount of water that flows through the pipes through your house and provides you with the utilitarian purposes that you need from it. Water flow is measured through the unit GPM (gallons of water per minute). The average water flow in a house is 12 GPM. Anything below or above that should raise concerns and must be looked into. 

Why is my water pressure so low? 

Before jumping to the immediate conclusion of calling a mechanic or a plumber to fix the water pressure at your house, why don’t you give it a look at try fixing it on your own. 

There may be a few reasons why the water pressure in your house is so low, and there are definitive ways to fix this problem. 

Here are some reasons why you are not receiving adequate water through the pipes of your home:- 

⦁ Do a current water pressure and flow rate check:

The first step towards fixing your water pressure at home all by yourself is to check what the current rate of water pressure and water flow is like. For this step;

⦁ Bring you two 5 gallons of water buckets and a hose pipe. 
⦁ Fill the buckets with the hose pipe for a minute and see how much time it took for you to fill those two buckets. 
⦁ If in 1 minute the two buckets were filled, this means that the water flow in your house is 10gpm(which is accurate). 

         To check the water pressure, you will need a pressure gauze. In case you don’t have a pressure gauze, you need to contact a professional plumber. 

Checking your Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) 

          It is essential for most homes to have a Pressure Reducing Valve installed with the water pressure units. The PRV is used to regulate the amount of water flowing through the pipes, so that regular water flow can be maintained throughout. During cases where the water pressure may suddenly increase, the PRV keeps the water force from being too hard and allows it to pass through smoothly, thereby avoiding leakages in pipes. 

Pressure Reducing Valves
Pressure Reducing Valves

However, the thing with PRVs is that they need regular interval checkups between 6-12 months, to keep them running. PRV’s maybe sometimes turned down, which may result in the lowering of water pressure in your home. To avoid this, it is essential for you to check your PRVs on a regular basis. 

Regular Leak Checks 

Water leaks are a common occurrence in most houses where the water pipes undergo some malfunctions. The most common ones are leaks that take place in these pipes as a direct consequence of excess water pressure or breakages in the pipes that causes the water to gush out of them and run all over the house. 

Pipe leaks need to be checked in case you feel like there is a lower water flow in the pipes at your house. Sometimes the water flow in the pipe gets diminished because of the leakages that take place with the pipes. Hence, it is a wise decision to get these pipes checked regularly by a plumber, or you can fix them yourself with some water-resistant tapes for a temporary solution. 

Pipes Leakage
Pipes Leakage

Recheck your fixtures

Another reason why the water flow in your house is being very stubborn is because of certain clogged areas. If the water pressure and water flow have considerably decreased, it may be the case that all of it is stuck behind a chunk of debris clogging a water faucet or two, and ultimately causing a slack in the entire plumbing system. 

If the aerator at the tip of the faucet has been clogged, it means that the water is not passing through with the regular flow. Sometimes even the water pipes may be clogged and you need professional help to see through this problem. For this purpose, it is advised to call the plumber to look after such details. 

How do I increase water pressure in my house? 

These are the most popular DIY tips and tricks that will assist you to increase your water pressure at home: 

Record the Water Flow yourself- This is the most effective and essential method to determine whether you will be needing any assistance with fixing your water problem. You can record the water flow by bringing out two five-gallon empty buckets and a hose pipe. Make sure all the other water faucets at your home are closed. Turn the hose on and observe how much water you can fill in a minute. If it takes you one minute to fill both the buckets to the brim, it means that the water flow at your place is 10gpm, which is an absolutely normal measurement, and you have nothing to worry about.

.Contact your neighbors-  It is always a wise decision to give your neighbors a call and to share with them your problems, and ask them if they are facing a similar trauma. 

Increase Water Pressure
Increase Water Pressure

In case they do, it is your city’s Municipal water center that is causing all the havoc. 

.Unclog the pipes- It is a natural occurrence that over time, there may be a lot of debris filling up on your pipes and faucets. This is not an instant result, but a gradual process whereby dirt and debris get accumulated in the pipes, thereby reducing the diameter of the pipes through which the water can pass through. 

This mineral build-up needs to be cleared off immediately if you wish for a steady flow of water through the shower or faucets. What you can do is check the exit pipes of your system and clean them. 

Use an open zip-lock plastic packet filled with vinegar and tie it over your shower head and your faucets. Leave it overnight while you unclog the pipes from the exit points of the main plumbing system. 

In case there is excessive debris build-up and it requires you to replace the pipes altogether, you need to call for a plumber or a mechanic to do the needful. 

.Keep a check on the water valve-  There is a water valve situated near the meter of your plumbing system, and it needs to remain completely open all the time for continuous water flow. 

However, there may be cases where it is partially opened, and this is causing all the problems. Keep a check on the water valve and keep it wide open at all times. 

 .Installing a water pressure booster pump- At times the problem for your negligent water flow may be because of your geographical location and might not have anything to do with your pipes or faucets. In this case, you need to install a water pressure booster pump, that will assist in boosting the water pressure through the pipes and maintain the regular flow. 

Pressure Booster Pump
Pressure Booster Pump

It costs about $200 to $300 dollars for a water pressure booster pump, and this is of course barring the installation cost. However, you can install it yourself, if you want to reduce extra costs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

⦁ How to clean galvanized pipe? 
⦁ Check your pipes for rust build-up or any other form of debris build-up. This is a very common occurrence in every house with a water pump. All it needs is a regular checkup. 
⦁ In case there is a build-up of unnecessary debris, invest in a chemical pipe cleaner 
⦁ Apply the chemical pipe cleaner to the pipe. 
⦁ Rinse out the pipe to expose a clean one. 

How to unclog galvanized water pipes? 

⦁ Check for debris build-up at the exit points of your plumbing system. 
⦁ Use a chemical pipe cleaner to apply it to the pipes and then rinse the pipes with water. 
⦁ This process may take up some time, but by the end of it, you will have debris-free pipes, that will help your water to smoothly flow. 

How do I fix low water pressure in my house? 

⦁ You can check for any leakages in the system. Sometimes leaks may cause a restriction in the flow-through water pipes. 
⦁ You can check to see if the water valve that is placed near the meter is completely open. Ensure that it is always open.
⦁ Do a regular check-up of your PRV. 
⦁ Install a water pressure booster pump if none of the above points prove effective.

How to increase water pressure in a pipe? 

⦁ There are two ways that you can go about this;
⦁ You can either check for debris build-up in that particular pipe, and clean it out with a chemical pipe cleaner, or;
⦁ You can install a water pressure booster pump that will facilitate steady and adequate water flow through your system. 

How can I increase the water pressure in my house? 

⦁ The easiest and most effective method to go for here is to install a water pressure booster pump. 
⦁ Undertake this step only if your water pressure system is beyond fixing. 

How to increase water pressure in my bathroom sink? 

⦁ Close the open valve 
⦁ Remove aerator
⦁ Thoroughly clean the aerator
⦁ Shut off and remove the sink shut off valve
⦁ Observe the type of shut off valve they are 
⦁ Purchase a new set of similar shut off valves that will fit your sink and fix them
⦁ Fix the aerator in place. 
⦁ Open the valve and your water pressure from the sink will have normalized. 
⦁ In case it hasn’t, feel free to call your plumber to look into this business. 

How to increase water pressure in the shower? 


⦁ The first thing you need to do is clean your shower head. Clean off any unnecessary build-up of dirt and debris that may be causing all the problems. 
⦁ Try replacing the showerhead. 
⦁ Install a shower pump or an electric shower with a cold water accumulator tank.

How to increase water pressure for sprinklers? 

⦁ First things first, in case there is debris build-up, an attempt at unclogging the sprinkler head. 
⦁ Make sure that the sprinkler water valves are open. 
⦁ Recheck by turning the handle of the horizontal valve first, followed by the vertical one. 


Hopefully, this elaborate guide has been successful in answering all your questions regarding increasing water pressure at home by yourselves. 

Feel free to leave a comment down below and let us know any other queries that may come up. 

We are happy to help you!

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