This Wedding Dress

Not sure if wedding or Hunger Games.

James Randi is a leader in the skeptical community who has been debunking paranormal...

I recall and interview where his skepticism started. He would read tarot cards for extra cash as an undergrad. He decided to give an exact opposite reading from what the cards told him; sure enough the person lavished him with his accuracy.

This bag of old/stained face towels have been re-used as “rags” at this hotel

That dude is REALLY holding onto the phone... zoom in on the faucet.

Pumpkin Looks Like a Watermelon Shaped Like an Apple

My mind doesn't know how to process this.

Homemade rocket with parachute

North Korea's missile program exceeding expectations.

Autumn in Central Park is stunning ✈️

By: @jackdarylphotography.

A 7up advertisement from the 1970’s is still displayed in my hometown. It’s been...

And now reddit will track it down resulting in its inevitable theft.

The crack in my door

It’s like the surface of Jupiter or another gas giant.

Footage of one of the last Tasmanian tigers in existence. They went extinct in...

Only Tasmania could produce an animal as crazy looking. Half cat, half dog, with stripes only on the ass end.

Walrus fell asleep on top of a submarine

Fucker is huge.

How printing is done on fabric

How do they reload the ink?

Making a 4 foot tall Shark Cake

We’re gonna need a bigger belly.

$2 coins from the Cook Islands are triangular

“I’m sorry this kiosk only accepts squarecash”

Blowing out candles with a punch

Fake of fake.

Mother Nature Fountain

I swear I saw this shit in Moana.

Disappearing shading

Smoking makes you spooky confirmed.

Breakfast at a Turkish mountainside

Where exactly is this and can I go here?

Old school Nintendo cards from my Grandma

Yeah, but can you slide these through a reader to play Super Mario Bros? Boo Nintendo, No backwards compatibility.

Rare white giraffes sighted in Kenya conservation area

Man who knew that giraffes were just elongated llamas? That camouflage really works!