Reddit solves a hit and run

We did it reddit! (but for real this time)

Smoker puts butts around his mirror instead of littering

Either he smokes a lot or he doesn't throw them away when he stops. Maybe he waits until he gets a full set.

My girlfriend’s drawing of our family dog Hershey, he passed away shortly after this....

That is absolutely stunning. It still blows my mind that people have the ability to do shit like this. I can barely draw a stick figure. That's awesome. I'm sorry for the loss of your family dog, that's never easy.

My local vet has a sign and candle for when someone’s pet is dying

Bedside manner at its best. It's painful to lose a pet, but losing one unexpectedly at the vet can be even more horrible. When my dad and I were saying goodbye to our dog at the vet, the noise from people in the waiting room talking and the hustle and bustle of workers doing their job made us feel alone, like the world kept turning as we lost our family member, making her existence feel insignificant. Our vet was very nice and compassionate, but this candle idea might have made things feel different.

Full wall, interactive art installation

So this can’t possibly be real, right?

Had no idea owls have such long legs

I love the owl's changeless expression.

This red light above my grandfather’s basement door to indicate that he’s down there

I know John Stamos was getting older, but I didn't think he was old enough to have a redditor grandchild.

Expanding packing foam

I wonder how long that shits gonna sit in a landfill.

This coffee stain on my counter looks like a sloth

That's.... Actually pretty damn interesting.

My grandpa grew a rubber ducky tomato

There has to be a subreddit specifically for plants that looks like things. And if there is will someone please tell me what it is.

Electricity being captured in acrylic glass

Can I get a ELI5?

Tetsuta Nagashima’s extreme composure while falling

Imagine crossing the finish line like that.

Drones shooting an arrow

One drone is just doing its own thing... this is how it ends. Shut it down.

This pic of my friends catch today looks like a bad Photoshop job

I honestly can’t tell if this is a joke or a real picture.

Remodeling our 111 year old house. Found this newspaper under 6 layers of shingles

OP, you could check your local library website to see if they have archived newspapers available online. If so, search for the date and see if you can find the complete headline.

Crazy scooter trick dubbed the free willy. This was the first time it had...

That’s scary, He only barely got hold of one handle before he started falling.

Carved stick in water

Things like this really show you how people of past generations were made to believe magic existed.

This is not a computer generated psychedelic backdrop; this is the ceiling of the...

That would be incredible to see in real life.