Space is interesting

This is at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Naval Gun Turret Mechanism

I had no idea the charge and round were stored and loaded separately.

Elephants came in the dark for a swim in the river near my home

Where I live, I sometimes can see opossum tracks in the snow, so we're practically the same.

My new transparent debit card

Hey, empty, just like mine!

Lightning Strike on a Golf course

That poor priest.

Puffer fish enjoys getting his back scratched

Little guy is just glad he isnt being sucked on by dolphins for a while.

Ink in motion

How every Netflix original intro is filmed.

This construction worker dancing

He’s in the wrong profession.

Someone’s family on my 5 dollar bill

That’s a butt sweat image transfer. Money is fucking disgusting.

Im the girl from the “giant” wolf post. Here’s another one of our rescues,...

Sooo...a “pack of wolves “ just got 10x scarier.

Would you stick a key here? Cleverly hidden safe

Nicely hidden, though if somebody knows about it there's only a layer of sheet rock protecting it.

That one time I was walking to work and Will Ferrell randomly rode by...

“I’m singing! I’m on a bike and I’m singing!”

Harvesting Olives

Very interesting, I guess I never gave much thought to olives and assumed they were plucked like we picture being done with apples.

Praise the Helix!

How do you know that there would be a fossil inside?

This looong key my friend has

What the fuck does it unlock, the Chamber of Secrets?

Safety Standards, 1960s

The trick is to not fall off.

The rice in the photo is the actual rice in the bag

“Rice in photo is actual size”