A grizzly bear running at full speed can be as fast as 35 mph. Usain Bolt’s top speed is 27 mph. So yeah, if you’re chased in real life, it’s game over

I ain’t gonna die tired when I could just die


This is why I bring banana peels when camping. Drop that shit behind me and the bear just tumbles and I get away safely.



Grizzly bears (and all bears in general) are alot faster and agile than they appear. The only reason they appear slow and lazy is because they are conserving energy, but they can move their asses when they have to, and when they have to, be somewhere else.


You don’t have to outrun the bear just your friends.


I wonder if we could coax a couple more MPH outa Usain if we had a bear chase him.


If it’s black, fight back
If it’s brown, lie down
If it’s white, say goodnight


That is a scary fact.


I was in a very similar situation with a mountain lion, was driving down a road carved out of the hill so on the right of me it’s basically vertical rock. Came across the mountain lion, had to break and slow down, it was obviously startled and ran from me so I just followed it a hundred yards or so till it found a good place to run. Was super surprised at the size, especially it’s tail.


If I was ever chased by a grizzly bear, I would just die.


He runs like that horse girl.