A microscopic waterbear scratching its back in a similar fashion to a real bear

Does something that small have nerves thats can sense itches?

Looks more like its trying to consume the square object its pushing around. It stops moving when it loses that object


This water bear is “Tardigrade” and it has survived all five mass extinction events.

Another fascinating thing about it can withstand temperatures ranging from -458 °F to 300 °F, pressure six times stronger than what is found in the deepest parts of the ocean, and can go without food and water for more than 10 years.

It is sometimes dubbed as the hardest thing to kill on (or off) planet earth.


I wonder if this is the way higher beings see us…


It would be incredible to see through their eyes. Like how does the microscopic would look to them?


No he just can’t step inside of the sea bear circle


He is just playing with that LEGO piece in front of him


So can these little fellas actually feel stuff like itching and etc I know it sounds like a stupid question but im curious if they feel the same on that small of a level


What is that thing actually is?


What is he scratching on?


What is he scratching against?