Angular Momentum

Magic, got it.


I can’t understand this. Another example please?


Okay, so I have this compulsive need for revolving chairs to spin equally each direction, I was so happy when he turned back the same direction, you have no idea.


That’s how villains sling around in their chairs, the secretly have fidget spinners spinning really fast


Dane Cook has seen better days


I love this clip. Angular momentum is used to turn and spin some small rockets. Very cool.


Did anyone else do this as a kid at their science center?!


This might be a dumb question, but I’ve sat in that chair before and I know it takes a (significant) force to turn that wheel sideways. Is the force exerted on that wheel equal to the “force” that causes the person to rotate? I understand the conservation of momentum concept, but is there also a conservation of forces and/or energy going on here?


There’s a science museum in Salzburg where you can try this yourself. They have a tone of practical demonstrations, it’s great for kids and adults…


There was a science tent at a Virginia state fair back around 2002, they had a spinning plate on the floor instead of a chair but same concept. The wheel used was a larger bike tire that my scrawny 6 year old arms couldn’t hold up by myself, so they hand me the tire and spin it I hold it out in front of me for about 5 seconds then lower my arms. Giving myself a pretty bad road rash all across my chest, it started bleeding and I was forced to wear a bandage around my torso for the entire next week. The Mark’s took an unusually long amount of time to heal. The moral of the story… science is evil and I’m a week dumbass.