Compare smooth tubes vs corrugated tubes . See how corrugation creates turbulence, breaks the laminar flow and hence provides better heat transfer rates than smooth tubes

So if we roughed up the edges of tubes inside a water cooling loop for a computer, we would see better temps?


It’s interesting, but I need more information about what I am seeing here. Is this a thermal view of the heat in the water as it flows?


So if i corrugated some pvc pipes… I can increase flow in specific areas?


This is counter-intuitive as hell, I would expect a smooth tube to allow for better flow, and it turns out the opposite is true.


Someone send this shit to amd for their gpus


Can we install this on the highway


This also works in the same same way for cooling a liquid in a can. For example it takes a while for beverages to cool down in a cooler or fridge but if they were rotated as they were in there they would cool at a significantly faster rate. Incase any of you were curious.


Gonna use this to make super smooth hitting bongs


This makes sense. More surface area exposed.


So assuming that aerodynamics is the same as hydrodynamics at subsonic speeds (give or take).

Isn’t this the same as the golf ball dimpling effect?