Hikers came across a dehydrated horned viper in the desert and gave it some water

How can you tell if a snake is dehydrated?

Legit inquiry




And then it struck. It’s in its nature.


I’d like to think I would do the same, but I’d probably throw the water bottle at it and hope it could figure it out on it’s own from there.


I love shit like this. The animals likely don’t know they’re being helped, they’re just like “mm, water” while the humans have this sense of pride and accomplishment over it. Idk, it just makes me happy


I’d like to believe that the snake will remember this moment and then years later, somehow save the hiker. Like an angry cougar stalks the hiker and then the snake jumps from behind the bar stool and hisses “Don’t do it! She’s a man-eater!”


Handsome nope rope


Good and brave person right there


I am no expert, but more of an enthusiast, and any snake with a head shaped like that I would be so cautious in approaching. Good on these guys for helping out snake bro, especially since he was already coiled and could have struck at any time. PSA to anyone not in the know with snakes, that head usually means I will straight murder you.


I was really hoping it would grow into a bushy Chia pet