How a Russian candle company creates a custom-made game candle for customer

That’s the most complicated way of peeling a banana I’ve ever seen.


Way back in the long, long ago when I was in high school, the local mall had a kiosk where a lady made these candles. I don’t remember if she was there year-round, but I know she was really popular in the months leading up to Christmas. When my friends and I would hang out at the mall (as ya do when you’re a teen in the infancy of the internet era) we’d always watch her make a few candles because we could watch her start from the wick, layering the different colored wax. I always wanted one but they were kind of expensive.

I was also surprised to see this video because I guess I just assumed every mall had a candle lady? Which, now that I’ve typed that out, sounds like a dumb assumption.


You no take candle!


I would never light it, what’s the point of this?


Light the candle. Pray for Legendary.


Member when you’d find candle makers like these in malls in the 80s? oh… that’s right, i’m old


Still confused…What is a game candle?


Ngl, I thought this was candy at first. I’m hungry…


This could be on oddly satisfying. It looks so good.


The craftsmanship is obviously fantastic, but I think it’s a little overdesigned.