These model airplane skills can make you question all you know about physics

Bold of you to assume I know anything about physics


Power to weight

The airplane body is made of thin, light foam. The electric motor has plenty of power


I believe in the physics of this, but the G-Forces maneuvers like this would exert would literally tear apart a human being if this was made to scale correct?


so you stole not only the content but the title too, 1 hour after the first one was posted?


Effectively infinite power-to-weight ratio, and a fuselage that works as an airfoil when sideways. Plus a little operator skill…


its like bad programmed video game


I think that is all well within the bounds of current physics.


Being able to reverse the prop pitch is pretty neat.


Its pretty amazing that you can buy magic now. First Smartphones and now magic.


The prop is run like a swash plate based variable pitch. Like a helicopter that can rotat teh blades to take bigger bites out of the air, this can do that AND reverse to negative pitch so it can stop the plane immediately. Plus a lot of pilot skill and some serious practice. But the prop pitch control allows for those hard stops.


Fr roll rate and other dynamics, power to weight is massive, also the control surfaces to flying surfaces ratio. Basically the amount of deflected surface (rudder, elevators etc) are gigantic. Plus the deflection amount, giant foam board surface deflecting 10 degrees gives a slow roll no matter how big, but 55 degrees and it rolls like a flash!. This being a fuselage flying machine with the above and a silly power to weight ratio makes it wildly nimble.