This bar has an aquarium in it

This bar has an aquarium in it

I feel sorry for the fish that have to deal with the constant clacking of glasses being placed on the bar.


Pretty crappy life for the fish. African cichlids, which these fish appear to be, specifically from the Mbuna family, need rocks for cover and shelter. Also the amount of noise that transfers from the bartop would be incredibly stressful for the fish.

That being said, thats really cool and a lot of thinking and engineering had to go into building that. From ways to keep the glass/acrylic clean, to how they got all that sand in there to the general maintenance of the entire system.


Wouldn’t the constant glass on glass contact and other sounds make this hell for the fish? Looks cool I guess but those poor nemos


I’d probably name them all over the course of an evening and then politely tell another patron that setting down his glass too hard is scaring Jimothy. He’s an old soul. Also, it’s rude to get too wasted around little fish because they’re afraid of getting drunk.


I’m pretty sure this is at the bar in the Galt House Hotel in Louisville, KY


I mean, this is really cool, but I feel bad for the fish.


I hope the fishies have a place to go and hide if they want to


The amount I hate this is immense. This is really cruel to the fish: constant movement from patrons and deafening noise from stuff hitting the glass.

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I’d be fine with it if there was a second layer of glass with air to diminish the sounds the fish hear from people clacking their drinks on the counter.


This is really embarrassing. Those fish are COMPLETELY naked.