This framed, holographic microscope I got from my grandparents that you can actually look into!

Oh my god that’s amazing! How does that even exist?! The future is now!


Sorry for the quality of the video, but the ‘hologram’ only works when there is a bright light shining on it.

You also cannot see this in the video, but when looking at it with two eyes the microscope actually appears to ‘jump’ out of the frame, which is why the top and bottom appear to be blurry.


What about that fucking SPIDER hanging from the bottom


I haven’t seen that one in decades! I’m not sure if I saw it at the MIT museum or the Boston Museum of Science. But it’s one of the classics.


Whattt the fuckk


I didn’t know it existed till 2 seconds ago but I absolutely need it


I thought there were roaches running out from under it and figured we were in for some sort of wtf, funny, or.. well, that’s all I can come up with….moment


Where can i buy one?


I remember seeing a big exhibit of holograms, including this one. They were made in the 70s, iirc. The portraits of people were particularly impressive, since the image quality was amazingly sharp, even by today’s standards.

Always strange to stumble across old tech that seemingly disappeared for various reasons. Like hypersonic planes or OnLive. Sometimes the only reason a technology died is because they couldn’t figure out how to make it profitable.


Welcome to Jurassic Park