This gift my girlfriend got me when I told her I didn’t want anything for my birthday

This gift my girlfriend got me when I told her I didn't want anything for my birthday

What a great way to make money on nothing


What’d this nothing cost?


In fifty years when global warming has turned parts of the planet into inhospitable hellscapes and the natural world has been choked to death with pollution, we’ll wistfully smile and remember it was all worth it because we could buy stupid shit like this.


So then this sole purpose, other than the laugh, is to create trash. Hopefully it will at least be recycled.


Is it actually nothing or is it a clear plastic orb?


Yeah, let’s pay a company to give you non-recyclable garbage


This is such a stupid waste of plastic.


Fuck Jay, what a disgusting company pumping out this crap just to create more plastic trash in the world. This is exactly why we need carbon taxes. No way it would ever be profitable to sell this if they had to pay for the full environmental impact over its lifetime. And we can’t even recycle anymore since no one will buy the plastic!


This is hard earned money converted straight to pure trash.. you really fucked up your crafting recipie


You know humans are fucked if even “nothing” is made of plastic.