Three screws that cost $136.99 dollars each

Three screws that cost $136.99 dollars each

The hell are they made out of


I’m ok with screws not falling out of my airplane.


Not atypical for aviation.

A quick Google search confirms a $100+ price tag each.


I’m in the navy and all of our parts are similarly overpriced. We have a 1″ diameter strainer that costs $43,000. It is literally wire mesh that comes out to about 10″ long. However, its certifiably reactor plant clean and has a whole lot of certification paperwork for it being so controlled. At the end of the day though it is literally just a strainer, for $43,000.


The key part is the close tolerance. I used to do aerostructure engineering for the military and two identical parts could cost $1 or $100 depending where on the aircraft they are used. If the screw is used in a place where it is a critical safety item, it has to have a much smaller tolerance than one that is classified as noncritical, which really raises the price.

Part of this is also because there are very few vendors that can make parts with such a small tolerance and when they do, it is usually not in high volume, meaning there needs to be a high price to make it worth it to them. One of the vendors I saw for a bolt was the only one we had and it was essentially him hand-machining each individual bolt one at a time in his garage in Florida.

This also led to an issue where money could be a driving factor for some parts. There was a case where there were hinges that I thought should be critical safety items, but I had to provide so much evidence for it because changing the classification to critical safety item meant that the price of the hinges would go up 20-fold.


The screws could be titanium with a thread pitch tolerance of +/- 0.00001″ I could make them for you on a hand operated lathe assembled in the 1960 for a $0.01 a piece. The warranty however… That will run you around $136.98 per screw.



And I mean EVERYTHING has to be FAA approved. Even in small general aviation aircraft.

And especially in part 121 aircraft. I’m ok with it in part 121 aircraft.

I’m not ok with it in small ga planes.

This is because people would go up in their private plane they havnt touched in years, it would break and crash because it hasn’t been maintained, then they would sue the manufacturer. This basically killed small aircraft manufacturers until Bill Clinton put forth some legislation. Everything has to be FAA approved. Every part. That alternator in your c172 that was 50$ is now 400$.

It’s the reason general aviation is all but dead. A small aircraft used to cost the same as whatever middle range sports car was popular at the time. Now they want 300k for one.


Should have gone to screwfix


Earlier that day, the person responsible for this transaction traded the family cow for 3 magic beans.


Am I weird for very much wanting to experience screwing these into a perfectly matched clean hole.