Coatis in reverse look like herds of tiny brontosauruses

They're moving in herds; they do move in herds!

Model with Vitiligo

There was a contestant on America's Next Top Model with vitiligo - Winnie Harlow (Used the name Chantelle on the show)

Pups Stuck in Tock Solid Tar Are Saved

Anyone got an idea as to what solvent they used to dissolve the tar? All i can think of is terps (mineral turpentine)

This tree growing from the side of a cliff on the Isle of Skye

Holy shit, I would totally want to sit on that.

Anubis God-Mecha Cosplay by Polygon Forge

I need this outfit, take my money now.

This is the Angor Wat temple complex in Cambodia – Built in the 12th...

It contains more stone than all three pyramids at Giza combined, and every exposed inch is intricately carved...

This WWII newspaper from 1945 found in my grandparent’s attic

Damn! I also found some newspapers of Lincolns death in the 1800’s.

Self solving Rubik’s cube

It almost gave up at the end, even Artificial Intelligence needs some encouragement from time to time.

Magical scene

And that's how mermaids are made.

How some video games procedural-generate random worlds

Thanks now I wanna break out Rpgmaker MV and tell myself ‘I can really do it this time’ for the dozenth time.

The paint on this pipe to match the shadows

Gotta do the wood grain. 9/10.

This dog does street performances with its owner

Ok, this is the cutest thing ever.

Elizabeth tower made with nanodots

Dammit I wish they'd show the finished thing for more than just 1.023 seconds.

Happy vertebrae found in Boothbay, Maine

Interesting. Any idea what type of animal that belongs to?

Someone made a crazy stop motion laundry fight

I can’t even comprehend how many man hours that took to make.

Amazing tower made with Nanodots

Why is there never a stationary wide shot of the finished product?