How to make Aluminum Coral

Are you sure that's fish safe?

1948 Norman Timbs Special

Oh, that's the back. :) Looks interesting.

Same time Different wings position in the mirror

It's called the rolling shutter effect, I believe? There's a similar photo where a dad takes a photo of his son sneezing - the kids eyes are closed, but the reflection shows his eyes open. It's awesome to see its effect for real.

A two sided arrow

I'm watching this for the 100th time and I'm still confused.

A microscopic waterbear scratching its back in a similar fashion to a real bear

I wonder if this is the way higher beings see us...

The medal I won at Disney World this week has Mickey running when you...

They give those to anyone who pays $500 for a Disney run.

Volcanic eruption seen from space station

Does anyone know if the eruption made the hole in the clouds or is that coincidental?

This mouse I found at my work has a Calculator on it

When i was messing around with it, the buttons are built to be harder to click to prevent misclicks and they didnt bother your hand all that much. My boss said it was good for when you were doing data sheets and logging in development to just use one hand instead of both.

That’s interesting

There are frogs that can survive freezing.... but the picture is a ceramic garden ornament.

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein watching President Nixon resign


Face of a man

How were helmets not compulsory before this?!?

The center of this tree branch that was a perfect star shape

It’s a cottonwood tree and you can snap the branches at the “joints” and see the star. We did that a lot as kids.

India on the first day of 2019: 5 million women create a 300-mile long...

You know one might think that this event doesn’t add anything concrete to the fight against sexism and opression, But I think it adds something much more important. It adds confidence, self-respect and awareness about the movement. That is very important in any movement.

The future of 3D printing

Fuck showering. She can scratch her itch!!!!

This old couple

Born in 1929, living in 3029.

The sandae