Recycling efficiency = 99.98%

It do be like that.


Here is another one: yes I am definitely over 18 years old.


Imagine dragon deez nuts across you face.


Me too, thanks.

Square Root of Ans

You means (Ans)^(2^-1)

Are you sure about that?

Beware, this is a low-effort meme, hence the lack of jpeg.

“I had to wait 10 min when you said 5min i want free food”

Relateable af, good job dude.

Savage dad is savage

My dad once told me that erasers can't erase every mistake. To prove this he rubbed an eraser on me.


Who’s the first seeker?

Just pay shipping

Shipping costs are non refundable.



I got you bois

You are a true hero (said while working)

It really isn’t

What a masterful way to bring this meme back.

Jason has a good point

Yeah because at first their like "we just want the crumbs" but then it very quickly turns into "ehhhhhhh, I'm pretty sure he doesnt' want this nearly entire box of frosted flakes he opened this morning"


Clinically proven, the Wisdom Wank will show you the truth.

Yee haw

You actually watched the first one.

I’d want one

Is this a top text-bottom text meme in disguise?

Plz mom

If vaccines are so good for you, then why isn't there a vaccine 2?

This is epic

Mad lad actually made it.

It be like that

My dad said he was gonna build a spaceship and orbit inside the event horizon of a black hole to travel forward in time and still not age. Fucking genius.