Excuse me

"Mission failed, we'll get em next time."

Being a pizza driver pays off sometimes

Pizza theme from spiderman game starts playing.

Burn to hell

But what if I unknowingly upvote a repost.

Spread the word

The free meme market should dictate which memes survive. I ain't giving no welfare to shitty memes.


It’s been 3 days neither one of them has moved.

Where do I learn such skill?

Is it possible to learn this power?

Boom. Roasted

Had a teacher say to read a note out loud in class in 6th grade saying "Mrs. Sherdian has no friends" and she spent the rest of the day telling us how many friends she had.

Q u a l i t y

I'm Sorry sir, but we only accept 144p. Our eyes can't see higher resolution.

I’ll be taking my 3 karma now

This one legitimately made me laugh pretty hard.

Googoo gaga gogoo

Object permanence is hard.


Currently doing both at once.


I call Uncle Ben.


And that, my friends,is how you cosplay.


Thank you Beethoven very cool.

A true intellectual

My mom loves meee meees.


That moment when you reply oof to your parents...

Too much goodness in this pic

RIP all of them.


I have all my best conversations with my dog.


I remember that war, it was the most brutal of any war I've ever seen.

Only the geniuses will know

Being me: 110% effective.