Great point

Fuck dude I’ve been saying this for years, shoulda just posted it on Twitter.


Somehow you end up more lonely when you try talking to people.

Cat: Help me please

Hlep meh.

Big oof

Didn't they drag him across somewhere, and publicly hanged him as an example?

Some girls in conversation are weird

“So do I” would’ve been an appropriate response I think.

It do be like that though

F I S H E.

Thank you fellow Redditors

No need to shame just go sneeze at a rally.


One day I will donate.

Big true tho

At some point it’s just a scream. As a 7th grade boy I can 100% confirm this.


I made a joke to my coworker (he’s in his 40s with 2 kids) that although I don’t want to kill myself, if someone tried to murder me I wouldn’t put up a fight. He looked at me like I just professed my love for hitler. Then he came over, put a hand on my shoulder and said “we have great benefits that cover therapy if you need to talk to someone.” I couldn’t explain that I’m not suicidal without going on a long rant about online meme culture.

Am I a joke to you?

Any phone can fold if you try hard enough.

Samsung is up to something

Like if u have big pp.

I dunnot speake da Engrish


Free real estate

Sorry. I will rather join.


High functioning depression?

Very funny and original

*pheasant noises*

Accounts COMBINE

Here is account 6 for the comment.

He is #1. More powerful than Shrek, Shaggy, big Chungus, or even Matt

I would just like to point out that he never ever said "I am number one" he always said "we are number one"