Wrong Drake

Memes1 day ago Zodab

Man I feel bad for drake bell. That dudes career is in the toilet rn. I think he had like one song trending on YouTube recently but that’s it. I’d go home and cry if some make a wish foundation kid cried because I walked in to see him. rip drakes emotional state.


Memes2 days ago Zodab

Fun fact: gi🅱️🅱️ie is a confirmed guest on the official podcast a staple of entertainment that is uploaded to cr1tikal’s youtu🅱️e channel; penguinz0. They were actually recording with him last night as I was in the discord when they announced it. Their other guests include Ethan from h3h3, an actor from the walking dead I forgot the name of (Andrew something or other), pewdiepie, and many more!


Memes2 days ago Zodab

I would have given it a 5 but that “what are those” joke ruined it for me.


Memes2 days ago Zodab

Jokes on you I’m actually a 2/10 have never even recieved a B, have no discernable skill, talent or achievements and havent had an actual converstion with a friend in like a year.