Or “something of yours, no not that, that’s mine”.


I use the cum vacuum


I actually wipe it off of her with the cum towel. Isn’t that the loving boyfriend way


I once had a guy come over and he just tossed the cum towel next to my shower. The morning after, I take a shower and there’s no towel on the rack, so I wipe my face with the white towel on the floor. And that’s how I got an accidental facial.


Used to grab the wife’s pillow and ram it down there while she held the “no leak position”. That stopped when I walked in after doing it once and got smacked in the face with a jizz smeared Serta.


My wife always wants to use my shirt or underwear. Like where the fuck does that leave me? Shirtless or underwear less searching for clothes like some kind of kobold in my own house.


One time in the car, I scooped it up in my hand and threw it outside my window


Wait a minute, you don’t (while you’re still in her) both just hop over to the nearest box of Kleenex? It’s a bonding experience after a bonding experience!


My gf and I have a cum towel drawer in one of the nightstands, these are towels used for cum and cum only.


Toilet paper and flush it. Plus then you have the fun of throwing it with a nice unraveling arc!