And I never found it

And I never found it

Bobobobobonanananaananenenenenonononono na an an a no no non o de de de de d ed ed e de d bruh bru bruh ru cheese


Mind telling us about that watermark in the corner


i keep getting porn videos when i search for songs 🙁


You can do this
Lyrics “enter any lyrics you remember here”


There used to be no google, and no i-tunes. No one knew how to use lime wire and people would come into my record shop on the daily and sing lyrics to find their songs. Once some kid walked in and sang a popular song so incredibly poorly that everyone just pretended not to understand what the song could be. They just kept escorting him around from employee to employee asking him to sing it again and again. Kid gets brought to me and starts singing just as I’m drinking a bottle of soda. I laughed so hard I ended up just spitting it all over him. My buddy just hands him a paper towel and says, “You know what, I think I do know what that song is.” I had forgotten till now. I know I’m old, I absorb meme dankness to extend my life force.


It goes like this:

Babararakpao pao pao pao pao barararararum pao pao pao rum rum pao bam!!!


nice watermark


That nobody has commented on “a heard” in two hours and 72 comments tells me that it’s time for another crusade.




Who’s a?