Hippie Thor

Hippie Thor

It’s so true I thought this was just a pic of a random group of people with thor as the druggie


That boi looks like he had a bit too much M E A D


“The one in the group that does drugs”… Look at Robert… Look at his eyes… Tell me he hasn’t had the best weed in the galaxy…


Can anyone explain why Hawkeye’s hair became slightly more trendy in this movie? Did he think, Damn, my wife and family are dead… on the plus side, now I can go somewhere new style-wise


Thor just looks like a stoner. Hawkeye looks like the perpetually single guy who’s a bit too old for the club so he’s making up for it by always having X and/or coke on hand, and is down to rage until the sun comes up. He’s graduated from the random late-night “you up?” texts to using a “real relationship” as bait to convince single girls he’s not like the others, even though his goal is still also to bang as many women as possible so a legit monogamous relationship never materializes.


Even though it’s actually Robert Downey jr


Thor’s eyes tho XD


More like weed and brew


I’m sorry but this is a Instagram quality meme I didn’t come to Reddit for low quality meme I came for the best quality memes


Yes that is the joke that the movie writers made, very good observation Reddit, very funny and smart meme