It really do be like that

It really do be like that

It’s fukn 2 am where I am and that picture legitimately has me slightly paranoid now



Show your work….


This is why I always loved math. There is one right answer. Several ways to get there but still only one right answer. It was always my goal to find the shortest path to right answer.


Me: proceeds to explain my method

Teacher : “Oh, you’re approaching me?”


First time I’ve ever transformed a post from 999 to 1k, feels good man


Mine were happy to see their students solving it by themselves.


One time my math teacher pulled a kid aside privately and basically told him to stop being a smart ass for this


Teachers are some bitches, amirite


A lot of people who I assume are grumpy students in here…

The reason is that the problems are intended to test your understanding of a given technique they’ve been teaching. The point isn’t the answer in the abstract, the point is whether or not you learned the lesson that they’ve been focusing on to that point.

Imagine you’re having someone teach you how to speedrun a game and there’s a specific skip/glitch/whatever that they’re working with you on. When you take the “test” aka run the level, if you just don’t bother with that and finish the level without it, your end time isn’t the point. You were supposed to be displaying competency at the thing you were being taught.

Or you’re being taught the guitar, you’ll have specific scales/songs and be shown exact fingering to play it. If you successfully play the song but don’t use the method you were shown, then you done fucked up.

Yes, math is neat because there’s a lot of ways to get to the result, but math classes are about using specific methods and test problems are intended to check that, not just whether or not you can get to the answer in the raw.


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