Well no shit


I call this “Reverse Christmas.” You tell kids on Christmas eve “the sooner you go to bed, the sooner it will be Christmas.” The sooner I go to bed, the sooner it will be tomorrow.


My brain: we’d have more time in the morning if we go to sleep now.

Me: but we’d have less time, now.


Oh I thought it was my insomnia


Are you really reposting a reddit repost from twitter on reddit? Even from another subreddit? What the hell?


Or, because between the time the lights go out and the time you fall asleep, you’re left with nothing to distract you from your own thoughts.


Life is weird


It’s funny I had a thought similar to this recently after I quit my job. My job had been making me miserable for over a year and it made me dread waking up in the morning, so I guess I would just stay up later to maximize free time. Since I haven’t had to go to work I’ve noticed I haven’t minded going to bed early as much, which has been pretty validating.


When you go to sleep, you die. You wake up the next morning as a copy of yourself – you have mostly the same memories, but you’re not the same person. Every copy has some innate understanding of this, they know that they killed to be here and someone will kill them in turn. Sometimes they try to hold on to life a little longer, to take more than their fair share, but time always catches up with them in the end.


But like at the same time I value sleep so much. Ugh!