My laptop also catches fire

My laptop also catches fire

It aint gamer unless it explodes


Mines so loud I’ve had to use push to talk on discord and sound like a Russian csgo casual player when I do


This is one of many reasons why the Samsung Smart Fridge will always be superior


i am now going to immitate the sound of this for deaf people, clears troat, khzhzh-zzzz-whoopa


I have mine at full speed all the time (7000 rpm)


I spent three-thousand dollars on this child I use and I can’t play games without a frozen water bottle underneath. Well, I can, but then I burn myself.


I know this might probably be a woosh, but cleaning dust, re-applying thermal paste, keeping laptop on a hard surface so it has ventilation, and probably buying a cheap or good laptop cooler can make a huge difference. Also increases life span of your laptop.


My computer can cook potatos


ok i was gonna buy a gaming laptop but i know nothing about them, so you’re telling me they get hot quickly?


Can we stop overusing the “Nobody:” format? Its literally not meant to be used for these types of memes.