New Image From JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 3!

Isn't this The Matrix 4?

Green Book – Official Trailer

That was much lighter than I thought it would be. It’s fun seeing Viggo play this role, it’s very much against type yet he’s still nailing it. Mahershala, of course, is always a welcome sight in anything.

Footage of the 1:3 scale model miniatures used for the Lower Wacker Drive and...

That's so cool! I'm always surprised by the amount of practical effects that were used in Nolan's Batman trilogy.

Director Shawn Levy Confirms He Has Completed Script for Tom Holland’s ‘Uncharted’ Film

In an interview with The Playlist, Uncharted director Shawn Levy gave an update to the elusive film, saying it has a solid script, star, and is nearer to the horizon than his other film, Starman.

First Image of Liu Yifei as Hua Mulan in Disney’s Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Film –...

The supporting cast are good, this movie has Jet Li, Gong Li, and Donnie Yen.

Bruce Banner’s background reaction to Iron Man’s new suit is priceless

I see the wizards standing there like that and I'm just here thinking that their arms must be tired.

In “The Fifth Element,” Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge appear...

Thanks for the upload, seen that movie dozens of times and never noticed that!

New Image of Chris Pine in Netflix’s Historical-Epic ‘Outlaw King’ – Also Starring Aaron...

I wonder if he can pull off an accent. He certainly looks different, enough that I'd think of him as 'not Chris Pine'.

‘Back To The Future’ Stars Reunite To Celebrate Sci-Fi Classic

It's been 33 years since the Robert Zemeckis-directed time-traveling sci-fi comedy was released in theaters.

New Image of Hugh Jackman in Political-Biopic ‘The Front Runner’ – Also Starring Vera...

Is the reporter to the left of Hugh wearing an Apple Watch?

James Garner shooting John Frankenheimer’s GRAND PRIX ; his helmet is identical to that...

One of my all time favorite movies. James Garner actually did alot of his own racing in the movie, and was even highly regarded by many of the professional drivers.

Marilyn Monroe Lost Nude Scene From ‘The Misfits’ Discovered

A nude scene long believed lost featuring Marilyn Monroe in John Huston's The Misfits has been re-discovered.

Elizabeth Olsen filming Avengers: Age of Ultron

They always mention how much they trust the CGI teams to make all their ridiculous movement's look cool.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Shares Awesome Photo Mentoring The New Terminator

Dude is 20 years older than me and looks 10 years younger than me.

Here’s my Cap drawing I just finished, with progression shots

Face kind of looks like it's been burnt.

First picture of Natalie Portman as Celeste in Vox Lux

She reminds me of Vitas from that meme. You know that Russian singer that goes “blulululu ah ah ah...”