Halle Berry Training for John Wick: Chapter 3

This is getting out of hand…now there are two of them!


When they offered her high-fives, she double-checked the safety before high-fiving back. Props.


Keanu hanging out wit some baddies


Anyone know what rifle she is shooting?


I didn’t want to be the guy but I have to be that guy.

She’s wearing her foamy ear pro incorrectly. They should be rolled thin using your fingers and inserted all the way down into your ear canal until it’s borderline uncomfortable. Foamies should be just about flush with the inner part of your ear.

If this comment saves one person’s hearing I will feel personally accomplished. Hearing damage sucks and I see people using these things wrong all the time. At the gun range, construction workers, heavy equipment operators, etc.


This is Berry awesome.

I have tickets on Thursday and cannot fucking wait!


Love me some moments of normalcy in stars like at the end of this clip to help us remember that they’re still people


Shooting rifles w. Halle Berry and Keanu Reeves in the middle of nowhere, shades on, tank tops on, looks like a great time.


That’s a sexy gun range. I mean that in at least 3 different ways.


Very cool but mad respect to the camera operator. Some of those shots appear to be filmed in front of the firing line, that’s ballsy and I can’t believe the armorer let that happen.