In “Her”, Theodore uses a safety pin to hold Samantha up in his pocket, so she can see while out on a date


you can actually see in scenes that there are multiple pin marks in his pocket by the end of the movie. Pretty cool consistency there


I just wanted to say that this is one of the most vibrant and colourful movies I’ve seen.


This movie has been sitting in my watch list for a while. Should I pull the trigger and just watch it?


Beautiful movie. The scene where Samantha composes a song to communicate how it feels being on the beach with Theodore? Gets me every time.


Honestly, this movie hits me so hard that I can’t watch it unless I really want to cry and feel sad. It’s an excellent movie.


I watched this movie on my phone wearing headphones while on a plane. Couldn’t have been a better setting


The casting of Scarlett johansson was perfect. Her voice is easy to fall in love with.


Love this movie! The writing and direction were superb.


The love in this movie and the love between Ryan Gosling’s character K and Ana de Armas’ character Joi in “Blade Runner 2049” is so beautiful. I love Ai-human relationships because it’s typically love in the purest form. (I say typically, excluding the horror of “Ex Machina”)


The details in Her are absolutely fantastic. I also love how seamless they are, nothing is drawn attention to it all feels very organic and real.