Official Teaser: Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil – In Theaters October 18!

If anyone’s every wondered why so many of these live-action fantasy films all look and feel so similar it’s because they’re all produced by the same person: Joe Roth.

Some of his films include Alice in Wonderland (and Through the Looking the Glass), Snow White and the Huntsman (and Winter’s War), Oz the Great and Powerful and of course the first Maleficent.

He’s also the producer for the upcoming (and delayed) Voyage of Doctor Dolittle with Robert Downey Jr, so I except we’ll see lots of more shiny CGI imagery in that one too.


I feel like this is the first movie I’ve seen Angelina Jolie in since the last Maleficent lmao


those cheekbones goddamn


Can she at least turn into a dragon in this one please?

Hell make her turn evil again.


My bet? The Mistress of Evil is the queen, Michelle Pfeiffer’s character. That laugh was not Angelina.


Can Lana Del Rey do another song for the soundtrack. Her version of Once Upon a Dream was beautiful.


Did they CG replace her actual skin in that last shot? It looks legit like one shade.


That last shot looks fucking amazing!


I know Maleficent has issues, and people weren’t exactly clamoring for a sequel, but at least they’re original. I’d gladly take more Maleficent movies over the likes of Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King or Aladdin.


TIL it’s called Mistress of Evil. That’s kind of cool.