Thor: Ragnarok. Hulk makes a fist because Loki walks by

I thought this was a porn parody cause the cgi looks like a powerpoint animation.


Man, Marvel movies do NOT look good when you brighten them up


Also, if you look in the end of the clip, Thor looks back with his good eye.

This is such top level movie detail


I am still confused after having seen Endgame. We know Loki died in the last movie. So is Thor and that valkyrie-woman the only two Asgardians left? Or are there others somewhere? Because that ship was destroyed in the first Thanos movie.


Puny God.


I still hate Thanos for killing Hiemdel.


In Thor: Ragnarok Hulk breathes air because he needs oxygen for a fight in the future. Such great details….


This didn’t last long.


Sorry, too soon


So we leave Thor Ragnarok with Thor wanting to be king as his new purpose but instead he gives it up to Valkyrie in Endgame?


I love this movie but one detail pissed me off.

Banner has a whole scene about how Tony’s pants are tight in the crotch. Yet when he transforms Hulk dick not uncomfortable? I don’t buy it.