Man or Astroman? — Antimatter Man

My favorite surf band :) They are super fun to see live.

The Band – Up On Cripple Creek

The Last Waltz version is one of my favorite tracks of all time.

High Parade — Ghost

High Parade play music for the tragic romantic with indie pop sensibilities and shoegaze overtones.

Massive Attack – Teardrop

This is the track guiding me into the world of Trip-hop about 12 years ago. I really miss the elegance and beauty in the old time.

Stoned Jesus — Bright Like The Morning

Supported by 38 fans who also own "Seven Thunders Roar".

Incubus – Pardon Me

Incubus, ahhhh. Brings back HS memories. Brandon, I love his voice.

Bloc Party – Banquet

Silent Alarm is an absolute treasure, and highly underrated. I still rock this album.

R.E.M. – It’s the End of the World as We Know It

I love this song, but i cannot listen to this version with all the shitty "bloop"s. and also 0 days old video.

Men Without Hats – The Safety Dance

It really wasn’t that safe.

Belly – Feed the tree

Had this CD when it first came out. Love it!

There’s A Wolf — Silences

Damn, beautiful.

Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio – Move On Up

Also check out the "True Loves" ... featuring Jimmy James. Very good stuff. I would love to play the keys like Delvon Lamarr.

Tabla Beat Science – Tala Matrix

Really trippy. cool stuff. thx for sharing.

Vulfpeck – Cory Wong

I absolutely love Vulfpeck and those dudes are incredible musicians, but Cory Wong himself is a national treasure.

Gus Dapperton — Miss Glum & The Pursuit of Falling

I've been listening to Gus for a while now. Love how different he sounds.

Don McLean – Vincent Don McLean’s tribute to Vincent van Gogh

Beautifully written song. I would also recommend James Blake’s cover.

Cameo – Word Up

Best part of the video is Levar Burton.

Miles Davis – Bitches Brew

One of my favorites. Named my grey kitty after Miles because he is so smooth.

Brand New – Degausser

One of the bands that got me through high school. I used to listen to deja entendu on the bus ride to school the album fit perfectly with the ride. Timing and all.

Prince Daddy & The Hyena – Really?

Really liked this, thank you for sharing. Have you ever heard The New Swears?