The Mars Volta – L’Via L’Viaquez

Jon theodore was an absolute monster on this entire album.

Apes of the State – I Listened A Fistful of Vinyl

Wonderful people, and wonderful musicians. Very happy to see this.

Rob Zombie – Dragula

I remember being 16 running around with my 2 best friends in a sketchy old Honda. Blasting this and causing hell all night. God those were good times.

Monkees singer Peter Tork dies at 77

The Monkees bassist and singer Peter Tork died Thursday at the age of 77, his sister Anne Thorkelson has confirmed.

Chet Faker – Gold

I love the song, but it gets reposted here every other month it feels.

Breathe. — London

I like it! I’m going to add it to my ‘some songs I paint to” playlist.

Slipknot Singer Says Imagine Dragons Have Replaced Nickelback As The Worst Band

Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger provided us with some of the juiciest, most unexpected beef of 2017 when he dissed former Roadrunner Records labelmates Slipknot: "How good can your music be if you've gotta beat each other up onstage, throw up in your own mask every night?" In response, Slipknot singer Corey Taylor said that Kroeger has "a face like a foot" and that Nickelback "Is to rock what KFC is to chicken." Incredible.

Witchcraft — Deconstruction

Underrated band that ought to be more well known. Great album.

Orbital – Halcyon + On + On

I remember this was on the Mortal Kombat movie soundtrack. Used to listen to that CD while playing Quake. haha, I feel so old now.

Tori Amos – Crucify

It’s nothing now, but the special effects for this video were pretty unique and surprising at the time. Seriously. Another one that was difficult to pull off was “Crazy” by Seal. Now get off my lawn.

David Hicks – Cocaine Blues

Why are the comments and likes off?

Stick and Poke – Set Ourselves Free ~ orig. The Wild A Fistful of...

I'm sincerely psyched because this just reached 100K views and it's one of my favorite songs we've ever recorded :)

Kurt Cobain would have been 52 today. Happy birthday

Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain would have turned 52 years old today, and while the band split up after Cobain's death, their memory is still alive worldwide.

The Honey Drippers – Impeach the President One of the most sampled drumbeats in...

Honestly though this break has really helped shape golden era Hip Hop. Was rewatching scrubs latley and every time the theme comes in I'm reminded why its so influential, funky AF.

The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches – Everything But The Pizza

My favorite band that never made it.

Eli Josef – i love you aubrey plaza

Anyone else think her response was umm how do you

Explosions in the Sky – First Breath After Coma

I love this song. I listen to it weekly.