Andrew W.K. – Party Hard

I’m convinced the entire group was sitting around the mixing board listening to this thinking “Yeah, this is a great song, but… It just… Needs something.”

And then from the corner of the room… The piano…’plink plink plink plink’….

The whole group erupts. Chairs are thrown. Pandemonium. Life just went from great to perfect.


This song came at the right time. People were sick of all the apathetic and indignation-fueled rock of the 90s. Andrew WK just wanted to party, hard. Good throwback to the Twisted Sister sound to boot.


I love when they had him on Aquila Ten Hunger Force. “Party party party party…”


He has rode the wave of this song for so long now. I went to a benefit concert a couple weeks ago that had various artists doing covers. Andrew W.K. came and sang this and left. He was the only guy to do one song and do his own song but it’s so great so it didn’t matter lol


I don’t think I had heard of this dude before, but I listened to a conspiracy/supernatural podcast about him a few days ago and now reddit shows me this pretty undervoted thread.
COINCIDENCE? Of course. But it’s funny either way.


I’m Rod and I like to party


First heard this song from Hellsing Abridged. Now the Pittsburgh Penguins use it as their goal horn song.

PartyHard #LetsGoPens


Bitches. Love. Cannons.


I’ll see him in St. Louis in 2 weeks. I bought tickets for an all day concert event and don’t care about anyone else playing.


let’s see how many comments it takes before we start going down the steev mike rabbit hole