Denis Leary – Asshole

Louis CK claims that Denis stole this bit from him in Boston. It’s probably true.


It always amazed me that people who called themselves assholes claimed to be more enlightened because they knew their behavior was bad, but in point of fact knowing you’re a shithead and not improving is actually worse than the people who were blissfully ignorant of their bad behavior.


Because Dennis is a bastard man.


My favorite line was always “I park in handicap spaces while handicap people make handicap faces”. Always got me


I was riding my bike and saw him practicing street hockey with I presume his kid. I didn’t bother them. He may have stole his material but he was interacting with his kid. More than my dad did. My dads an asshole.


Fuck this guy. I’m pretty sure OP is Denis Leary because nobody but Denis Leary and that one guy with a TBI thinks Denis Leary is funny. “I’m an unpleasant person! Ha ha! How amusing!”


Well, he did lift an entire set from Bill Hicks, so, nothing would surprise me at this point.


How to steal Louis CK’s act.


Denis Leary is aggressively unfunny.


Ahh my theme song