Jean-Luc Ponty – Prelude No. 20, Op. 28

Holy Crap- never thought I’d see Jean-Luc Ponty on here!


First time I was introduced to Ponty I was 26 hanging out with a 70 year old neighbor. He had this built-in sound system on his deck that overlooked Lake Lewisville in Dallas area. Smoked a bit, blasted some Ponty and looked through a telescope. Good times, good people. RIP John


“Chopin Prelude No. 20 (with violin improvisation)” by Jean-Luc Ponty from the album Storytelling. Columbia (1989).

32 second introduction then beautiful violin starts (Total time 2:56)

I sometimes have a tear form when listening to this. (not embarrassed about that)

e: add-on

Favorite Jean-Luc Ponty albums (haven’t heard them all, admittedly)

A Taste For Passion
Mystical Adventures
Cosmic Messenger
Storytelling (this song is from)
No Absolute Time

e2: folks, most of the time Jean-Luc Ponty isn’t covering classical. His music is melodic jazz (not the crazy hard to understand jazz).

Bonus: on some songs, Randy Jackson (American Idol judge) plays bass and he’s good, too.


Ponty is one hell of a violinist, and I’ve only listened to Mahavishnu Orchestra to know about him


Enigmatic. this is the correct spelling


Is the music video original or it’s from a movie?


For everyone unfamiliar with this guy, be sure to check out his 1979 album Live! When I first heard about this guy playing an electric violin, I thought that all the music would just be him soloing, but it’s not at all. His entire band is incredible, and he writes good songs too!


Jean-Luc Ponty is a fucking unit! One of my greatest discoveries from exploring the classic jazz rock scene. “Aurora” never fails to up the mood when I haven’t had such a great day.


Cosmic Messenger us still one of my favs


My brain auto corrected the title to Jean-Luc Picard at first.