Lydia – Gypsy

Just listen to everything Lydia has, they’re great! One of my all time favorite bands.


Illuminate is definitely one of those classic albums that deserves a listen if you have even the faintest interest in this kind of music


Why TF would someone make a band video unavailable in my country? It’s fucking canada not Mogadishu.


Illuminate is my favorite album. I revisit it a few times a year, especially on gloomy/rainy days. It’s the most soothing thing in the world to put that album on and go for a cruise when the weather isn’t quite up to par. They have helped me fight the greatest of demons and have helped me through the toughest of times. I’ll remember Lydia for life.


“Not available in your country” wtf I live in Australia, not North Korea…


This band needs more recognition! They cancelled their North American Tour this year. I was really sad to see that. They are also taking some sort of a hiatus. I really hope they bounce back. They are simply amazing musicians and I sincerely hope all is well with each of them. I love you guys!


Lydia is one of those bands that brings back bad memories but is so damn good I’ll take the hit.

The only good thing you’ve done for me is introduce me to Lydia, Sharon!


Fuck yeah!
My favorite band


“Not available in your country”… really? On some random indie bands song? ok then I won’t listen.