Norah Jones – Come Away With Me

I know she can afford her own damn drink, but if I ever get the chance, I’ll buy Norah Jones a drink or even dinner just for this song.

I met an incredible woman back in 2011. She made it clear that I was not her boyfriend, because she was headed off to Africa for two years for the Peace Corps, and couldn’t maintain a relationship. But she came to visit me one last time before her departure. She came into my little apartment, and I wondered where we stood. I had no idea whether we could even be close before she was going to be gone for so long. I put on Pandora, set it to my Norah Jones station, and prayed for this song to come up first. It did. I held her and we slow danced on the tile in my tiny rental, and I didn’t wonder anymore how we felt about each other.

She was gone for a long time after that. But to this day, every time I hear this song, I can feel my bare feet on the tile and smell her in my arms. We’ve been married for three years, and our baby is due this month.


A timeless tune.


My mom used to play this album on repeat when it came out. Don’t Know Why is one of my favorite soothing songs as an adult.


Wow! This is a blast from the past. I fell in love with her music, but completely forgot about it. Thanks for bringing this back for us!


I was doing photography at festival in Texas and got to meet/shoot her for the website I was working for. Super cool!