Seu Jorge – Space Oddity

There are a lot of people who claim the Life Aquatic was one of Anderson’s worst films. Among the many arguments I have against that is Seu Jorge’s contributions.


Perfect soundtrack for that film.


Fantastic track, from a fantastic soundtrack to a fantastic film.


He is an outstanding live performer and was one of the best parts of life aquatic. Will always upvote this


I love this film


I have remote memories of that film. Only briefly watched parts of it on TV. As a Brazilian, I was very confused as to why was Seu Jorge in the middle of that score singing songs in portuguese. Now this post made me remember all of that, and now I can tell what songs are these, and I really want to watch that movie.


I saw Seu Jorge at The Blue Note in NYC once. Incredible set of Bowie, Samba & Bossa Nova. Halfway through Bill Murray walked in and sat a couple tables away from me. Seu Jorge stopped playing to say “hi” to Bill. Sue Jorge was so excited to see him you could tell it was a surprise pop in—the Bill Murray way.


I really enjoy these covers on the album, even without attaching it to the life aquatic, I think it’s a really great, peaceful take on the og songs


If you can see him live! It’s amazing 🙂


As a Brazilian guy, it brings me so much joy to see people from around the world enjoying Seu Jorge’s talent.