Spyro Gyra – Cafe Amore

Never thought I’d see Spyro Gyra on reddit. They were my first concert as a kid. I got to see Joel Rosenblat do a drum clinic years ago. Fantastic drummer!


SpyroGyra!!!! I had totally forgotten about them! I’ll be looking for them on Amazon and Pandora tomorrow in my office. Thanks!


Holy shit. I used to fall asleep to the smooth jazz music choice cable channel when I was like 13 and that’s literally the only time I’ve ever heard of this band. They were my favorite though. What a random nostalgic trip..


My pops has a couple Spyro Gyra records in his collection when I was growing up. I remember being blown away by how objectively weird the sounds I heard were, compared to anything else I had been listening to at that point. Must have been the beginning of my love for jazz fusion.


Oh man, now I gotta go find where I put my Spyro Gyra CDs


Damn, I wouldn’t be able to tell if it was citypop if there was a Japanese singer in this song.


One of the few fusion bands to get me going on jazz


Absolutely love them! Saw them a few times at the SPAC jazz fest. Sound great live.


i randomly stumbled upon this song in spotify and i’m suddenly a great fan of elevator music.


Yoh it’s been ages since I’ve listened to Spyro Gyra! Thanks!